Away-Abroad Students (During the Spring)

Most housing for the fall semester (and spring too, for those who want to be off-campus commuters) is reserved during the housing sign-up period in March/April. We make it possible for students away-abroad during the spring semester to participate from afar in all of the housing sign-up processes in March and April. However, it is prudent to plan in advance and act before deadlines. Also, back-up plans should be made in the event one's most preferred housing for the following academic year is not able to be reserved.

Four Deadlines

Squatters Rights group request deadline is 9:00 AM (PST) March 19, 2013. Go to Squatters Rights for information and the online group request form.

Early group request for Ocean View deadline is 9:00 AM (PST) March 20, 2013. Go to Ocean View Apartments

Deadline for Housing Request for next year: March 30, 2013. This is the online form for housing requests (on-campus or off-campus), other than early applications for Ocean View and Squatters. If you choose to use the proxy authorization and have another student select housing for you at your sign-up time, you do not need to submit the online Housing Request..

Proxy authorization must be done prior to the Housing Selection event: early is better than later.

Since the proxy form is web-based, authorizations should be made in advance of the Housing Selection event in April. See Warning* below. Last-minute proxy authorizations can sometimes fail electronically.

Away-abroad students who do not apply for an Ocean View apartment, or participate in a Squatters Rights group, should plan for having someone select their housing during the Housing Selection event. There are two ways to reserve housing during the Housing Selection event in April:

  1. Ask a current student to select housing in person on your behalf by proxy.* This is an option for those who want to give a proxy the power to choose the specific room location and/or roommate. This can also be used to request off-campus as the housing assignment for the following semester or year.
  2. Submit the Housing Request by the March 30 deadline* in order for Housing personnel to select on-campus or off-campus housing on your behalf on the day of your housing sign-up time. This may be preferred to using a student proxy because there have been occasions when proxies have failed* to reserve housing. There is no recourse when this occurs.

See also Fall Housing Assignments>Away-Abroad Students planning for Fall.


Failure to authorize a proxy in time for your sign-up at the Housing Selection event, or failure of a proxy to attend the Housing Selection event on your behalf, or failure to submit the online Housing Request form may result in no housing being reserved on your behalf during the Housing Selection. After the March 30 deadline for the online Housing Request form, changes to housing requests will not be accepted until after the end of the Housing Selection event concludes in April. If away-abroad students wish to make a late change in their preferences and priorities, it is unlikely that Housing would be able to get this information in time. In this situation, a proxy may be needed to select housing during the Housing Selection event.