Away-Abroad Students (Returning for Spring)

Make spring housing plans in advance

Students who are, or will be, away-abroad during the fall semester (through programs coordinated by the Off Campus Programs Office) should consider their spring housing plans for their anticipated return as early as possible. This is particularly important for those who wish to reside off-campus and commute because we must limit the number of off-campus commuters in order to comply with Santa Barbara County regulations (See Requirements for Commuters). For those returning to campus housing, most available spaces are likely to be scattered among the upper class residence halls.

Students away-abroad may be apprehensive about returning to a relatively full campus at mid-year. This is understandable because most residents remain in their same room for the entire year, and few completely open rooms will become available for incoming roommate groupings. For this reason, we urge current residents and students returning from away-abroad to fill openings by mutual request. When a completely open room is available, it is usually assigned to groups (according to class standing) which can fill the room. In other words, a group with seniors returning from abroad would be assigned to an open room before a group of juniors would be considered.

How to request housing

Students who wish to reside off-campus for the spring semester, upon their return from studying away-abroad in the fall, should reserve off-campus during the Housing Sign-Ups for Next Year in March/April. Away-abroad students who do not have a confirmed off-campus housing assignment for spring (housing code: OCL) should submit the online Housing Request form by November 1. Submissions after November 1 may not be considered until after others are already assigned. Students may request specific roommates and dorm location preferences, but the online form does not allow students to request a particular room. If away-abroad students are trying to fill an opening in a room by mutual request with a campus resident (highly recommended), the current campus resident needs to submit the request in writing to his/her Resident Director (RD) by early November. Likewise, the away-abroad student needs to agree in writing (by email to the requested roommate) that such a request is mutual. The away-abroad student's written agree-by-email needs to be submitted to the RD by the current resident.

View your housing and meal plan information

Spring housing assignments for away-abroad students are confirmed by being posted online at the Student Profile in late November or December. See Meal Plans for more information.