Continue as Off-Campus Commuter

Submission deadline to reserve OCL for 2014-2015 academic year: January 31, 2014

If you are an off-campus local (OCL) commuter during the spring semester of the academic year, you have an opportunity to reserve off-campus again for the next semester/year (Fall and/or Spring semester) during the month of January without needing to attend the Housing Selection event in April. The deadline for submitting the online request to Continue off-campus commuting is January 31. The Housing Director will notify you by email to confirm that you have successfully reserved off-campus again.

What to do if you do if you miss the January 31 deadline: In order to get approval to live off-campus again, you need to attend the Housing Selection event at your housing sign-up time (or arrange for another student to do so on your behalf with your online proxy authorization). If the off-campus limit is reached for either or both semesters during the Housing Selection event, which usually occurs, a waiting list will be started by the Housing Director for each semester.

Note to current commuters: Even though you already reside off-campus, this fact does not ipso facto allow you to continue off-campus. In order for off-campus to be your housing assignment again, it must be requested (and approved by Housing) for each semester of enrollment. Do not miss the deadline or fail to request both semesters (i.e. if you intend to reside off-campus for the entire subsequent academic year).

Note to those who do not reside off-campus locally and commute (during the spring semester): The opportunity to request to continue as a commuter is not available to you. You need to request off-campus at your sign-up time during the Off-Campus Commuter Sign-Ups in April.