Double Room Sign-ups ... and any remaining spaces

We trust you have observed the method to our madness regarding housing sign-ups. That is, we prefer that students reserve rooms by filling them on their own. Many rooms may be reserved earlier in the housing sign-up process in order to honor this preference.

After giving ample opportunity to fill rooms by Squatters Rights or one of the earlier sign-up opportunities, we schedule sign-ups for any remaining double, triple or apartment. And, the requirement to "fill" a room or apartment is waived after triple room sign-up day, so any available room may be selected by individuals or smaller groups during "double room sign-ups."

On double room sign-up days, students may make room reservations at their housing sign-up time, or at the earliest housing sign-up time amongst their group if it is for a roommate grouping. However, all group members must make the reservation in person, or have arranged authorization in advance with the Proxy Authorization. Cell phone calls made by, or on behalf of, an absent group member will not suffice for attending the Housing Selection event in person or having submitted the online proxy form.

**IMPORTANT RESTRICTION: Students will not be allowed to cancel their room reservation (in order to request different housing on-campus or off-campus commuting) until April 22, the week after the last day of the Housing Selection event. This prohibition is enforced to preserve the integrity of housing sign-ups for all involved, and to prevent confusion which could be caused by changing assignments. The Housing Selection event takes place in upper KSC lounge (see Timeline and Deadlines, Housing Sign-Up Time).