Growth and development opportunities

"Westmont College is an undergraduate, residential, Christian, liberal arts community serving God's kingdom by cultivating thoughtful scholars, grateful servants and faithful leaders for global engagement with the academy, church and world."


Westmont's ability to carry out its mission is critically dependent on hiring, developing and retaining staff who are committed to Jesus Christ, skilled in their work, and both willing and able to work collaboratively with others to "strengthen and sustain Westmont as a Christ-centered community of lifelong learners" (cross-cutting priority in the strategic map for 2011-2014). Westmont College values the development of lifelong learning for employees as well as students. Members of the staff are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities for learning in both formal and informal settings.



New Hire Orientation

At New Hire Orientation you'll gain helpful information about Westmont to accelerate your learning curve. You'll hear about everything from how to enroll in benefits, to utilizing reprographics, to maximizing your technology and everything in between.


Westmont Institute

All full-time staff will be given the opportunity to participate in The Westmont Institute. The Institute, which is hosted and attended by President Beebe, exists to deepen employee awareness of the college's past, present and future; to learn from one another about "securing as unto the Lord"; and to engage staff in discussions of how we can collectively nurture a culture of integrity, care and respect.



All community members are invited to attend chapel services which are held three times a week. See the chapel schedule here.


Professional development

Many employees and their supervisors collaborate to design individualized professional development plans for the staff member.

In addition, courses are offered through the Professional Development Center at SBCC.


Voskuyl library

Your Staff ID will give you access to the many resources found in the Voskuyl Library.


Tuition assistance

Under our Tuition Assistance Benefits, Westmont courses are available to full-time employees free of charge with supervisory approval.


westmont opportunities

  • The Westmont Forum
  • The Gaede Institute
  • Westmont Downtown
  • Leadership Roundtable for Supervisors
  • Across Color Lines Dinner & Film Series:  Ten colleagues embark on a journey through the story of race in America--part cinematic, part conversation, all in service to the kingdom on campus and beyond. If you are interested in joining the conversation, please contact Toya Cooper or Mariah Velasquez.


Supervisors are encouraged to suggest professional development programs for employees and to allow employees time during the work day to pursue both on and off campus development opportunities.