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The IRS limit for retirement plan contributions in 2016 is $18,000. 
The catch-up contribution limit for employees aged 50 is $6,000.


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To obtain a loan from Fidelity, call Fidelity to obtain forms at 1-800-544-4774.

If you are married, you must include spousal approval/signature. If your spouse is not known personally to HR or is not a college employee, their signature must be notarized. This can be done without cost at the La Cumbre Fidelity office or at your bank for a fee. 

When the Fidelity Loan forms are complete, contact HR at 805-565-6101 to advise them that you need a signature for your request. Once HR has signed the forms, they will return them to you so that you may forward them to Fidelity. Fidelity has a quick turnaround as long as the documents are 100% complete when they are received.


Loan requests can be made by participants via their TIAA-CREF personal online account.  Just login, go to “manage my account” then “request a loan”.  Or if you have questions or would like a paper application,  call TIAA at 1-800-842-2776 (M-F 5am-7pm PT, Sat 6am-3pm PT)

If you are married, you must obtain your spousal signature/approval and have that notarized. (If the spouse is a college employee or known to HR personally, this may be waived. Contact HR to discuss and make an appointment).Once you have completed loan forms (including notarized spousal signatures for married participants) submit them to TIAA for processing. Fax to 1-800-842-5916

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