D. Safety

Safety is each employee's personal responsibility. Employees must follow all safety rules, use all specified safety equipment, and obey safety signs and their supervisor's instructions. Employees should be particularly alert to any unsafe or hazardous conditions and report them to their supervisor, a member of the safety committee or to the public safety department. Employees with concerns about the ergonomic set up of their work area should contact the Director of Safety and Security. While operating a college vehicle, employees must have a valid California's driver's license.

Safety training and a copy of the college's Illness and Injury Prevention Program will be provided to new employees, reassigned employees, and when significant changes are made in work practices (for example when new equipment is purchased). Training will include general area safety and specific area/job safety. Safety topics will be communicated from time to time through memos, meetings, Safety Committee newsletters and other appropriate means of notification. The emergency procedures may be found at

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