E. Work Related Injury Reporting

It is the responsibility of employees to report all work related injuries or illnesses immediately so that appropriate medical attention may be procured and injury reports may be completed. Workers' Compensation insurance covers work-related injuries.

The procedure for reporting injuries/illnesses that require medical attention other than first aid is as follows:

  • Employees should contact their supervisor and the Human Resources office immediately.
  • The college will direct the medical treatment for the first 30 days if an injured employee did not designate their personal physician in writing upon hire. Westmont reserves the right to require an injured employee to be examined by a physician chosen by the college to obtain a medical diagnosis, medical progress report and/or a medical opinion as to fitness for return to work. The college pays for such examinations.

For injuries resulting in an absence from work, Workers' Compensation requires a three- day waiting period before wage replacement benefits begin. Westmont will pay the three-day waiting period. An employee who is absent from work for 10 calendar days or more as a result of a work-related injury or illness may request that sick leave be coordinated with Workers' Compensation benefits by notifying the Human Resources office. (See Leave of Absence at 6.6 E )

If a holiday falls during an employee's absence for a work-related injury or illness, and if the employee would otherwise have been eligible for the holiday pay, upon request Westmont will pay the employee the difference between the Workers' Compensation benefit and normal pay for the holiday.

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