6.13 Insurance Benefits for Retirees

For the purposes of this benefit, a retiree is a former regular employee, age 62 or more, with at least 10 consecutive years of service at the time of separation from employment. Medical insurance coverage for retirees is as follows:

  • Retirees who are at least age 62, but less than age 65, at time of retirement may elect to continue participation in the college's group medical plan until age 65 under certain conditions.
  • Retirees who are age 65 or more at retirement or who attain the age of 65 are no longer eligible for group medical plan coverage from the insurance providers. If retirees choose to purchase an individual medical plan, such as a Medicare supplement plan, the college will reimburse them for the actual cost of the medical coverage up to the maximum contribution established by the college. Eligibility for group dental insurance, group life insurance, short-term and long-term disability insurance, travel insurance, the employee assistance program, and the Pre-Tax Health and Dependent Care Expense Plan will cease upon retirement.
  • Details about this benefit are available in the Human Resources office.
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