Westmont provides a wide range of benefits intended to contribute to the security and well being of employees and their families. These benefits compare favorably to the programs of other colleges and employers in our area. Time-off benefits, insurance programs, and other benefits outlined here represent a significant part of total compensation, in addition to pay. For additional details, see the insurance brochures.

6.1 Eligibility for Benefits

Employment status is important in determining eligibility for benefits.

  • Regular employee -- An employee (non-student) who fills a position that is established for an ongoing and indefinite period of time who has completed the introductory period.
  • Temporary employee -- An employee who fills a position established for a specified length of time, from a few days to one year, or for the duration of a particular grant or project.
  • Full-time employee-- An employee who is assigned to work at least  30 hours per week
  • Part-time employee-- An employee who is assigned to work less than 30 hours per week

Regular full-time employees are eligible for all college benefits. Part-time employees and temporary employees are not eligible to participate in college benefit programs except those required by law. However, regular part-time employees receive pro-rated paid time off.

Temporary employees who work full-time for at least 3 months are eligible for health insurance benefits.

It is the responsibility of each eligible employee to notify the Human Resources office and complete the appropriate documents in order to initiate, modify or terminate participation in any benefit plan.

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