7.3 Employee Referral Awards

Some of the best people to refer potential employees to the college are current faculty and staff who understand Westmont's mission and culture. To encourage referral, the college offers a dinner for four (or the cash equivalent, if preferred) to any faculty or staff member who refers a candidate for a staff/administration position who is hired by Westmont as a regular (i.e., non-temporary) employee.

All faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the program, with the exception of Human Resources staff members and managers or supervisors hiring for their own department.

Awards will be given for filling posted positions only.

Awards will not be given for referring current or temporary Westmont employees; current interviewees; candidates who responded to published advertisements, were referred through an agency, or were applicants during the previous six months.

If more than one employee refers the same candidate, the employee who referred the candidate first will be eligible for the award.

To refer an individual that meets the requirements of a posted position, simply contact the person being referred and ask him or her to complete the online application for employment. Follow up by completing a referral form and returning it to HR.

Employee Referral Form

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