8.9 Child Care Resources

Westmont recognizes that high quality and affordable childcare is a serious concern for working parents. In an effort to assist employees in locating qualified childcare and to be sensitive to childcare issues, the following summarizes Westmont's childcare related benefits:

  1. Resources for obtaining childcare are available in the Human Resources office.
  2. The college provides free access to local child and elder care referral services from our Employee Assistance Program.
  3. Our sick leave policy allows the use of up to one-half the annual available accrual of sick leave to be used to care for an ill or injured dependent.
  4. A flex-time schedule allows work schedules that accommodate childcare needs, subject to supervisory approval.
  5. The Pre-Tax Health and Dependent Care Expense Plan allows dependent care expenses up to $5,000 per year to be paid with pre-tax dollars.
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