General Education Curriculum at Westmont

The following 4 categories comprise the General Education areas of study:

I. Common Contexts

A. Biblical and Theological Canons

  1. Life and Literature of the Old Testament
  2. Life and Literature of the New Testament
  3. Introduction to Christian Doctrine

B. Introduction to the Christian Liberal Arts

  1. Philosophical Reflections on Reality, Knowledge and Value
  2. World History in Christian Perspective
II. Common Inquiries
  1. Reading Imaginative Literature
  2. Exploring the Physical Sciences
  3. Exploring the Life Sciences
  4. Reasoning Abstractly
  5. Performing and Interpreting the Arts
  6. Thinking Globally
  7. Thinking Historically
  8. Understanding Society
III. Common Skills
  1. Three writing-intensive or speech-intensive courses
    1. Writing for the Liberal Arts
    2. Writing- or speech-intensive course within the major
    3. Writing- or speech-intensive course outside the major
  2. Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning
  3. Modern / Foreign Languages
  4. Physical Education
IV. Compassionate Action
  1. Serving Society; Enacting Justice
  2. Communicating Cross-Culturally