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Educational Effectiveness Framework: Capacity and Effectiveness as They Relate to Student Learning

WASC Rubrics

Program Learning Outcome rubric

Program Review rubric

Rubric for Assessing the Integration of Student Learning Assessment into Program Reviews

General Education Assessment rubric

Portfolio rubric

Capstone rubric


WASC Required Data Exhibits to Support Educational Effectiveness Review

WASC expectations for the Assessment of student learning (p. 1-4)
Assessment steps, plans and tips (p. 5-7)
Articulating Mission, Goals and Learning Outcomes (p. 8-11 )
Bloom's Taxonomy and examples of learning outcomes (p. 11-14)
Assessment Techniques (tests, embedded assessment, portfolios) (p. 15-21)
Indirect assessment (p. 21-25)
Rubrics (p. 26-31)

WASC Retreats and Workshops