Campus Diversity Committee

The charge to the Campus Diversity Committee is to:
  • Assess the College’s progress in responding to the recommendations included in the Long Range Planning Report section on diversity, and the Final Report issued by the Westmont College Commission on Diversity in June 1990.
  • Establish links with others that are working to address diversity-related issues at Westmont – for example, Trustee Diversity Committee, Trustee Membership Committee, and Executive Team.
  • Seek to build community-wide awareness and ownership of diversity-related issues and of appropriate ways to address them.
  • Summarize the various challenges and opportunities related to diversity that currently face the College.
  • Recommend priorities and propose implementation plans to the President’s Staff.
  • Make annual reports on the committee’s work to the Faculty, the Executive Team, and the Trustee Diversity Committee.
Membership on the Campus Diversity Committee :
  • The Campus Diversity Committee was formed in response to a recommendation in Westmont’s 1995 Long Range Plan.  From its inception, the committee has been comprised of students, faculty, staff and administrators.  The campus-wide committee is also a standing committee of the faculty.
Members 2012-2013

The chairperson of the Campus Diversity Committee is appointed by the chief academic officer, and its secretary is elected by the committee.  Current members of the committee are:

    Chair: Chris Call
    Members: Jason Cha
      Steve Contakes
      Toya Cooper
      Mary Docter
      Jane Higa
      Mark Sargent
      Sarah Skripsky
      Silvio Vazquez
    Minutes: click here

    Publications: click here

    Across Cultures: Fall 2009

    Annual Report on Diversity: current report