Intercultural Student Organizations

What is an Intercultural Organization (ICO) ?
Any registered Westmont student may apply to lead or be part of an ICO. An intercultural organization exists to support, educate and celebrate different cultures and perspectives among our students and on our campus. Programs and meetings will be framed by the college's learning standard for diversity and by ICP's mission,vision and goals.

ICO's Mission: To fotser an environment that educates the student body about issues regarding diversity, in addition to supporting students of color during thier time here at Westmont College.

ICO's Vission: Through open dialogue and collaboration with their organizations, our hope is to provide greater understanding and perspective for students living in a society and campus that is becoming increasingly diverse.

Business Manager :

Jaewoo Chung


Asian Student Association:

Alice Geng - President


Cynthia Hom - VP


Black Student Union:

Megan Carter - President


Tina Ballue - VP

Hawai'i No Ka 'Oi:

Jessica Jelf - Albert - President


Johanna Ward


Latino Cultural Organization:

Stephen Avila - President


Tanya Ayala - FALL VP


Gabriella Pinheiro - Chavez - Spring VP

Mixed Race:

Sarah Gowing


Kara Macias



Global & International Student Association (GISA):



Cameron Haramia - President


Nathaniel Taylor


Want to know more about the Intercultural Organizations? Check out the kiosk bulletin board near the DC or email

Please refer to the ICO Requirements link for more information about establishing an Organization.