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Incoming Students

This information is for students who have not yet attended Westmont College or are considering applying to Westmont. If you are already enrolled as student at Westmont, please visit the Current Students page.

Admissions Information and Preparing to Study in the US

Westmont Admissions Information - There is a special section for international students on this site which provides information of the requirements that need to accompany your application.

US Immigration Information Resource - This information is provided to you as a guide to help you navigate your planning for studying in the US.

Please contact Mike McKinniss, Admission Counselor for International Students at with your questions regarding the application process and immigration requirements.

Before You Arrive

Health Insurance Requirement

Helpful Resources

There are some very helpful book resources available to help students who are interested in studying in the United States. Below are just a few resources:

Quick, Tina L. Survive and Thrive: The International Student's Guide to Studying in the U.S. (2017) This book is written for international students (F-1, Third Culture (TCK) and Missionary/Pastor (MK/PK students).

Quick, Tina L. The Global Nomads Guide to University Transition. (2010) This book is written for third culture kids (TCK), missionary/pastor kids and global nomads.

Orientation Information

Fall Semester Orientation

All incoming International students are required to attend both Orientations held before the start of the Fall Semester. We also encourage students with a US passport but who have an international address (TCK and MK students) to attend the International Student Orientation.

2017 International Student Orientation (August 21-24, 2017)

Please follow these links for information regarding International Student Orientation and All Incoming Student Orientation.