What is an internship?

An internship refers to a learning arrangement for college students that seeks to combine practical work experience with structured education.

Westmont promotes the Internship Program as an educational strategy that creates a bridge between classroom preparation and “real-world” applications. Participating in this program gives you an opportunity to be involved in the educational process while profiting from the contributions of competent workers.

How do you benefit?

Many supervisors simply enjoy sharing their expertise and savvy in the role of a professional mentor. Some additional, tangible benefits include:

  • A chance to work with highly motivated pre-professionals;
  • Quality candidates for temporary or seasonal positions and projects;
  • A flexible, cost-effective work force that doesn’t require a long-term commitment from you;
  • A proven, cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees.

How does it work?

As a sponsoring organization, you can offer substantive work experiences that support students’ academic and career goals. You begin by completing an on-line Position Description Form, which includes, among other items, the majors you are looking for, work responsibilities, and the times of the year the internship is available.

We make every effort to locate and refer students whose interests, preparation, and capabilities meet the requirements and qualifications of the position you are offering. Once we place an intern, we work cooperatively with you to support the student’s work performance and learning experience.

What is the length of a placement?

Placements must be a minimum of 12-15 weeks in length and total anywhere from 6-20 hours per week;

  • Placements should run concurrent with the academic semesters: September-December for fall; January-April for spring; and May-August for summer;

Who do I contact?

  • The Internship Office and individual academic departments at Westmont coordinate internships.
  • Students earn academic credit for internship/practica arrangements and are expected to complete academic assignments concurrent with their work experience.

Do I need to pay the intern?

Westmont does not regulate or require compensation, although some employers choose to do so. You may call the Internship Program Office to find out about ways to compensate students.

What do we expect of supervisors?

We expect you to provide career-related work experiences that sufficiently challenge college-level students. In addition to providing work that contributes to your organization’s mission, we also hope you actively support the student’s educational endeavor. Please assign someone with a heart for the professional development of staff to supervise the student intern.

We ask that supervisors do the following:

  • Provide a clear job/project description for the work experience;
  • Orient the student to the organization, its “culture,” and the work assignment(s);
  • Assist the student in developing/ achieving personal learning objectives;
  • Host an on-site visit for a faculty member sometime during the internship if requested;
  • Offer feedback to the student on a regular basis;
  • Complete a formal, written evaluation at the conclusion of the work experience.

How to initiate your participation?

Submit a position description on line.

If you are a new or first-time employer, please contact the Director of Internships.

  • Once you have posted a position on line, students may contact you directly.
  • The Internship Director or Faculty Advisors may refer eligible students directly to you. You decide whom to interview and accept.

For more information:

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