Other Internship Sites

General Internship Sites

Arts and Museums

Diversity Programs

  • www.chci.org/ - (Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute) - Internships for students interested in Hispanic political issues.
  • www.inroads.com/ - (Inroads) - Internship programs for students of color interested in many different fields.
  • www.seo-ny.org - (Sponsors for Educational Opportunity) - Internships in the business sector.

Environmental Programs

  • www.ceemaine.org/ - (Center for Environmental Enterprise) - This site has a great directory of environmental firms and many links to environmental information located in Maine. This organization has their own internship program as well.
  • www.eco.org/ - (Environmental Careers Organization) - This organization lists about 600 current internships in the field by geographic region.
  • www.nebhe.org/ - (New England Board of Higher Education) - This organization helps place students in agencies with environmental internships in the New England states.

Government and Public Policy Programs

  • www.cascadepolicy.org/index.php?submit=Search&s=internships - (Cascade Policy Institute) - Links for national public policy web sites and to state-based think tanks.
  • www.basicint.org/about/jobs - (British American Security Information Council) - Basic security policy internships: specializes in arms policy and provides internships to individuals interested in this area.
  • www.doiu.nbc.gov/intern.html - (Department of the Interior) - This page has various student job programs in different areas within the department.
  • www.state.gov/www/careers/rinterncontents.html - (U.S. State Department) - All the information you need for diplomatic internships with the U.S. State Department.
  • www.un.org/Depts/OHRM/sds/internsh/index.htm - (United Nations) - internships with the U.N. and links to opportunities in many other fields.
  • www.usajobs.opm.gov/ - (U.S. Government Jobs) - This site lists every available job with the government including summer jobs for college students.
  • www.house.gov/ - (U.S. House of Representatives) - Links to all individual Representative’s home pages where they list their internship opportunities.
  • www.senate.gov/ - (U.S. Senate) - Links to individual Senator’s pages and their internship opportunities.
  • www.interns.org - (Washington Intern Foundation) - Posts Washington D.C. internships in both public and private firms. You can sign up for free e-mail notification of new internships being advertised as well.

International Internships and Study Opportunities

  • www.aiesec.org - (AIESEC) - International work and study opportunities around the world.
  • Search - Africa internships (several sites) - This is the place to look for volunteer and internship possibilities in Africa.
  • www.aipt.org/ - (Association for International Practical Training) - Non-profit that provides cross-cultural training opportunities for professionals and students.
  • Search - Best Bets for Internships Abroad - (several sites) -Links to internship and other international programs.
  • www.bu.edu/abroad/ - (Boston University International Programs) - Study abroad and internship programs for students.
  • Search - BUNAC - (several sites) - Helps students find work in Britain, mostly in service industries.
  • Search - Council on International Education Exchange - (several sites) - International study and work opportunities abroad.
  • Search - Institute for International Cooperation and Development - (several sites) - International exchange programs.
  • Search - International Exchange Programs - (several sites) - International study and work programs.
  • Search - Internships in Francophone Europe - (several sites) - Internship programs in France.
  • Search - Internships in Germany - (several sites) - Internship programs in Germany.
  • Search - Study Abroad Experiential Programs - (several sites) - International job and study opportunities.
  • Search - United Nations Outreach - (several sites) - Internship programs through the United Nations.
  • Search - U.S. State Department - (several sites) - Internship programs with international opportunities.
  • Search - Volunteers for Peace - International volunteer opportunities.
  • www.worldteach.org/ - (World Teach) - Teaching opportunities in several countries.

Journalism Programs (TV, RTadio, Magazines, Newspapers, Online)

  • Search - Magazine Internships - (several sites) - Internships through the American Society of Magazine Editors.
  • Search - Mighty Internship Review - (several sites) - Nationwide internships with dailies, weeklies, magazines, and radio.
  • Search - On-Line Press Club - (several sites) - More great information for on-line journalism.
  • Search - TV Internships - (several sites) - Internships with TV stations across the country.

Math and Science Programs

  • www.cdc.gov/train.htm - (Center for Disease Control) - CDC’s Summer Employment Program is detailed here.
  • Search - Association for Women in Science - (several sites) - Great career and intern- ship information for women.
  • http://ed.fnal.gov/interns/ - (Fermilab Summer Programs) - Lists summer programs with this national energy lab in Chicago.
  • Search - Goddard Space Flight Center - (several sites) - Internship and research opportunities with NASA at this center.
  • Search - Mathematics Association - (several sites) - Summer research opportunities for math students.
  • Search - National Institute of Health - (several sites) -Offers internships in biomedical research.
  • http://neuropsychologycentral.com/index.html - (Neuropsychology Central) - Offers an incredible amount of information through its resources and links in the field of neuroscience.
  • Search - Oak Ridge National Laboratory - (several sites) - Research and development center with areas of study in Environmental Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Geology and Health Physics.
  • Search - Ornithological Jobs - (several sites) - Listings for research positions for students studying birds.
  • Search - Summer Research Opportunities in Science - (several sites) - Nationwide summer opportunities for science lab work compiled by Yale.
  • Search - Swarthmore Math Site - Summer opportunities in math research.
  • www.ucar.edu/soars/ - (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) - ICAR is a national research lab in Boulder, CO.

Non-Profit Internships

  • Search - Everett Internships - (several sites) - Public service internship program with many participating organizations.
  • Search - Goodworks - (several sites) - Great information for the non-profit world.
  • Search - Idealist Homepage - (several sites) - Internship information with non-profits throughout the U.S. and abroad.
  • Search - National Assembly Internships in Youth Development - (several sites) - Work in youth development.

Summer Jobs

  • Search - American Camping Association - (several sites) - Nationwide camp jobs.
  • www.coolworks.com - (Coolworks) - Posts fun summer jobs with ranches, national parks, camps, recreation sites, and in the hospitality industry.
  • Search - San Francisco Summer Jobs - (several sites) - Summer jobs in many fields in San Francisco with links to other California cities.
  • Search - Summer Jobs - (several sites) - Posts summer jobs nationwide and around the world.

Housing Web Sites for Students

  • Search - Apartments - (several sites) - Nationwide listings for available apartment rentals.
  • Search - Apartments for Students - (several sites) - Nationwide listings for students seeking summer housing.
  • Search - Boston Apartments - (several sites) - Boston apartment rentals.
  • www.bostonapartments.com/ - (Boston Phoenix) - Classified ads for apartments and roommates in Boston.
  • www.studenthousing.org/ - (Educational Housing Services) - New York City summer housing for students.
  • www.nyu.edu/housing/summer/ - (New York University Summer Housing) - Summer housing on the NYU campus.
  • www.rent.net/ - (Rent Net) - Nationwide listings for available apartment rentals.
  • Search - Summer Exchange - (several sites) - Website listings for people looking to exchange housing for the summer.