Postini Email Spam Filter


Email that you receive on your Westmont College account is first processed through a filter to remove known spam email. Why does Westmont use a spam filter? Estimates of the amount of spam emails being sent out range between 50% to 70% of all email sent. How the filter system decides what is spam and what isn’t is a complicated process but our experience with Postini is that it does a very accurate job of identifying spam.

Messages that the filter is unsure about are placed in a quarantine area for your review. These are the messages that you need to view to determine whether or not they should be delivered. These message are held for two weeks so it is important for you to review these emails on a regular basis. We suggest checking these messages each day or some interval that can be habit forming enough that you don’t forget to do this.

Where do I go to see these messages? Click on the the link below and a new page will open so you can see these instructions on one page and work through the Log In on the other.

If this is the first time you have come here you will need to set a password. You can do this by typing in any incorrect password in the password field and clicking on the “Log In” button.

Click the “Submit” button. A new email password will be emailed to you. Go to your Google Apps email account and copy the password that was sent to you from Westmont College Support.

Now go back to the Postini log in and enter the password you copied. Click “Log In”

Postini will then ask you to change your password.

You will be directed to a “Change Password” page. To the right are requirements for this password. 3 of the 4 character types must be used. This may preclude you from using your exact email password but it could be something very similar. Enter the password sent to you in the “Old Password” text box and then the password you want to have in the “New Password” and “Confirm Password” text boxes. You will only have to do this all once unless you forget your password or have to reset it.

You will be re-directed to the page below. Click on the “Forgot your password?” link.

The Postini interface looks similar to our old Spamfilter interface, with Date, From, Subject, Block Reason, and Deliver columns. There are tabs (Junk, Viruses, Delivered, Trash, Archive) across the upper left to view messages with these statuses. The upper right has links to (My Settings, Log Out, Help) view or change your settings, log out, and  help pages.

If you find a message that was mistakenly caught in the junk filter you can in a sense train Postini to not filter messages sent by this Sender. You do this by checking the “Approve Sender” check box and then clicking the the “Approve Selected Senders”.

To take action on a message or messages you select it/them by checking the box on the left. If there are several messages that need to be delivered, check each one and then click the “Deliver Selected” link at the top right. Likewise, check which messages you want to delete and click the “Delete Selected” button at the top center.