China Studies Program, Xiamen, China (CCCU (Open to all majors)

The China Studies Program enables students to engage China's ancient history and intrigue from an insider's perspective. While immersed in Chinese culture, students participate in seminar courses on the historical, cultural, religious, geographic and economic realities of this strategic, populous, and extremely influential nation. Students choose between completing a broad Chinese Studies Concentration or a Business Concentration, which includes an internship at a Chinese-owned and operated business in China. Students also study standard Chinese language with a goal of attaining the ability to handle everyday transactions in Mandarin. The program begins the semester in Hong Kong and introduces students to the diversity of China, including the capital city of Beijing, legendary Shanghai, ancient Xi'an, and beautiful seaside Xiamen. This interdisciplinary, cross-cultural program enables students to communicate and understand the unique culture and people of China with an informed, Christ-centered perspective.China Studies Homepage

Houghton: GoEd Mekong (Houghton College) (Open to all majors)

Students spend 16 weeks in the Greater Mekong Subregion in the highlands of northern Thailand to study the root causes of exclusion and exploitation of marginalized people groups. Studying in the heart of continental Southeast Asia helps students gain perspective about the complexities of the issues, state and NGO responses, and efforts towards greater empowerment and justice in these communities. Opportunities to interact with local communities, particularly those of the hill tribes, enhance understanding of the relationship between exploitation and its root causes: poverty, discrimination, exclusion and violence. The traditional migratory people groups inhabiting the remote border areas between Northern Thailand, Laos and Myanmar (referred to as “the hill tribes”), represent a significant population of marginalized communities that suffer from discrimination, unsafe migration, trafficking, labor exploitation, denial of health care, sexual exploitation, and gender-based violence. All of these factors result in health, social, and economic consequences that are devastating for individuals and their communities. Freedom from abuse and exploitation depends on the promotion of human rights and the mitigation of violations. Houghton Off-Campus Homepage ; GoEd Mekong Homepage

Spring Semester in Thailand - (Open to all majors) (Spring only)

Spend next spring experiencing Thai culture firsthand! Gain an insider’s perspective by living with a local family in Chiang Mai, taking classes at Chiang Mai University, and doing a study-service internship in Thai society. Courses focus on Thai culture, art, and language. For 16 hours a week, students participate in an internship at a church, government, medical, or educational agency, discussing their unique experiences at a weekly seminar. For three weeks of the program, students journey to the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern Thailand, where they live in Karen and Lahu tribal villages. By interacting with village leaders and families, students examine the growing effects of globalization and the dominant Thai culture on these indigenous communities. This program is perfect for students who wish to explore a different country as a member of its society, not simply as a tourist. Students will normally take the following courses-- (16 - 18 Semester Credits) from Chiang Mai University:
SOC 350--Thai Culture and Society - 4 semester hours;Thai 125--Intensive Introduction to Thai Language - 4 semester hours; Thai 128--Intensive Introduction to Written Thai Language – 2 semester hours;
Art 438 – Principles of Lanna and Thai Fine Arts -- 4 semester hours; Internship 399: Study/Service Internship -- 4 semester hours (Internship to be arranged with Church, Government, or Educational Agency--Students will be in their internships 12 hours per week and have a two-hour seminar on Fridays.) Westmont students can satisfy 6 GE requirements.Spring Semester in Thailand Homepage