Costs and Payments

Update 8/8/2014

Students who wish to apply to an off campus program other than

  • Westmont in Mexico

  • Westmont in Istanbul

  • Westmont in Jerusalem

  • Westmont in San Francisco

  • England Semester

  • Europe Semester

  • Westmont in Northern Europe

will be required to submit an "Application for Westmont Affiliate Programs" (available at the Off Campus Programs office in Kerrwood Hall by Friday, September 19th, 12 noon)--Westmont OCP approval will be required prior to submitting an application to an affiliate off campus program. Limited spaces are available for study abroad Spring 2015.


Criteria for OCP approval will include, among other factors:

  • class standing
  • academic preparedness
  • major/minor requirements
  • level of program interest

There will also be a $1500 OCP participation Fee added to the cost of attending any off campus semester program other than those listed above.

How do costs and billing work?

Each participant in an Off-Campus Program, if required by the host institution, is responsible for submitting his/her confirmation deposit directly to the individual program. All subsequent billing will be sent to the College and the student will pay the tuition and charges for the semester according to the standard student account options and guidelines. The student is responsible for the following:

  • Application fee (to be sent to the program by OCP)
  • Participation confirmation deposit (to be sent to the program by student)
  • Westmont’s tuition (to be paid to Westmont)
  • Health fee (to be paid to Westmont)
  • Programs’s room and board (to be paid to Westmont)
  • Program fees (if applicable) (to be paid to Westmont)
  • Airfare (to be paid to airline or student’s travel agent directly)

The student will be sent the final bill from Westmont. However, it is common that programs erroneously send invoices or statements to the student’s home address. If you receive an invoice, please redirect it to Westmont’s off-campus programs office.

Financial Aid

Westmont financial aid (institutional grants, merit scholarships and loans) may be used for any Westmont operated off campus program, including Europe, England, Mexico, and San Francisco Urban semesters. Westmont institutional aid may also be used for one program only at a Westmont Approved (versus Westmont operated) off campus program. As long as a student at an off-campus program is still considered a Westmont student, he/she may also receive any Federal or State aid for which he/she is eligible.