Economics and Business Off Campus Programs

King's College London - Management Program

King's College London LogoApproved KCL Courses:

Westmont EB students can take a Management Dept emphasis of three courses - with one upper division required course for the EB major (either econ or mgmt side), plus two upper division electives, and one course in a foreign language, or an internship with a London-based company.

Westmont students can also take non-Mgmt courses, but all KCL depts. function independently of the larger KCL-wide range of depts. and each schedule their own final-exam periods individually without a system-wide course listing, so it may be harder to coordinate with Mgmt schedule for classes and examinations.

The KCL Dept of Mgmt usually offers each semester two-three dozen upper division (250-399 level numbered) courses in Int’l Finance, Int’l Acctg, Int’l Mktg, Int’l Mgmt, Decision Sciences, and a full complement of advanced and specialized courses in Economics, Int’l Economics. KCL Homepage

American University in Paris - Economics/International Business Administration

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Approved AUP Courses:

Westmont EB students can take either:

an Economics Emphasis of three courses comprised of one upper division EB-required course in Intermediate Micro- or Macro-economics, plus two upper division economics electives, plus one course in French = 16 units total,


an International Business emphasis of three courses, with one upper division EB-required course in Quantitative Decision-Making, plus two upper division int’l business electives, and one course in French. The following are ten regular AUP courses with Westmont-EB in parentheses:

Department of Economics

  • EC 310 Intermediate Microeconomics (upper division EB required) OR
  • EC 320 Intermediate Macroeconomics (upper division EB required)
  • EC 330 Comparative Economics Systems (UD elective)
  • EC 385 Economics of the EU (UD elective)
  • EC 352 International Trade Theory and Policy (UD elective)

Department of International Business Administration

  • BA 310 Finance and Accounting for Multinationals (UD elective)
  • BA 336 International Marketing (UD elective)
  • BA 384 International Business Law (UD elective)
  • BA 418 Multinational Business Finance (UD elective)
  • BA 430 Quantitative Decision Making (UD EB required)
  • AUP Homepage

Latin American Studies Program, San Jose, Costa Rica (CCCU (Open to all majors)

Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, the Latin American Studies Program introduces students to a wide range of experiences through the study of the language, literature, culture, politics, history, economics, ecology and religion of the region. Through living with local families, students become a part of the day-to-day lives of Latin Americans. Students also take part in a practicum/internship and travel to nearby Central American nations. Students participate in one of four concentrations: Latin American studies (offered both fall and spring terms); advanced language and literature (designed for Spanish majors and offered both fall and spring terms); international business (offered only in fall terms); and environmental science (offered only during spring terms). Depending on their concentration, students travel to nearby Central American nations including Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba and Panama. One year of college Spanish or the equivalent is recommended. CCCU LASP Homepage 

Economics and Business Summer Off-Campus Program






Founded at Westmont more than 25 years ago, the annual summer International Business Institute (IBI) in Europe provides students with formal college coursework and a wide range of interaction with business leaders from top multinational corporations, including visits to Daimler-Benz, Nestle, The Bank of England, Royal Dutch-KLM, as well as meetings with senior governement officials at the European Union and the British Parliament. On average, about 12-15 Westmont students do IBI each summer, and the itinerary usually includes 10 or more countries in Western Europe and Scandinavia, as well as Russia and Lithuania.

Westmont E+B faculty, Dr. Morgan and Dr. Noell, bring a wealth of international economics experience to IBI, and have taught on more than a dozen IBI trips. They have also led other Westmont foreign-study programs that traveled with students to China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

Each 10-week IBI program includes three upper division courses (12 units total) that automatically meet three elective courses for the graduation requirements.
A typical summer line-up includes the following four courses:

  • Global Marketing
  • Comparative Economics
  • International Trade and Finance
  • Global Business Strategy