Westmont College England Semester – (Fall only, every other year)

During fall semester of even-numbered years, Westmont students explore the terrain where British and Irish literature was written. Led by English Department faculty, England Semester actually begins in Scotland amid the world's largest arts festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where students scurry from venue to venue witnessing theatre, comedy, dance, music and street performers from all over the world. From Edinburgh, students trek to the Lake District of the Romantic poets, the howling moors of the Brontë sisters, and the walled medieval city of York, before arriving in Stratford-upon-Avon where the Royal Shakespeare Company offers stunningly professional productions on their new thrust stage. The program iincludes substantial periods of residential study at one or more Christian conference centers. Students spend several weeks in London and travel to Canterbury, to Northern Ireland, to Dublin (during the Dublin Theatre Festival), and to Galway in the west of Ireland where poet W. B. Yeats lived in a 15th-century tower. The program often visits Oxford, Cambridge, and sites associated with Thomas Hardy (in southern England) or with the poet T. S. Eliot (in London and East Anglia). England Semester is open to any students (regardless of major) interested in studying British literature and theatre. Upper-division English and interdisciplinary studies credit is offered. England Semester Homepage

The Scholars’ Semester in Oxford, Oxford, England (CCCU bestsemester.com) (Open to all majors)

The Scholars' Semester in Oxford is designed for students who want to study intensively and to a high standard. Students develop their academic writing and research skills and explore the disciplines and interests of their choice. As Visiting Students of Oxford University and members of Wycliffe Hall, students study in the oldest university in the English speaking world. SSO students enroll in a primary and secondary tutorial, an integrative seminar, and the British landscape course. Students group their work in a concentration so that all elements of their programme work together. SSO is designed for students interested in art history, classics, English language and literature, history, modern languages (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian), musicology, philosophy, and theology, though all majors may apply. Applicants are generally honors and other very high-achieving students and must have a 3.7 GPA to be considered for the programme. CCCU SSO Homepage