Westmont Mayterm and Summer Programs are short-term study programs that often include both on-campus study and travel. Programs offering general education courses as well as programs offering major-specific curricula are available. A number of options are available in any given year; in the past, such programs have included programs to Europe, England, Egypt, Israel, Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Japan, Sri Lanka, Oregon, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and Honduras. Various summer programs are also available through member schools of the Christian College Consortium and other institutions affiliated with Westmont. Information on which programs are available in a given year can be found in the Off-Campus Programs Office.

2015 Off Campus Mayterm Options--application deadline for all Mayterm programs is November 14, 2014.



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Come join us on “The Peru Mayterm”! You will live and learn in the heart of South America. You will be introduced to Latin American cultures, history and religion through two courses and field experience. We will be visiting Lima (the capital of Peru), Huancayo (live expression of Mestizo and peasant cultures), and the ancient homeland of the Incas, Cusco and Machu Picchu.


            June 2- July 7, 2015. On-Campus, June 2 - 5: Peru: June 6-July 7, 2015


            Dr. Ruben (Tito) Paredes (Anthropology-Sociology Department, Westmont College)

COURSES: ANN 001:      Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (4 units) fulfills Understanding Society GE; ANN115:         Peoples and Cultures of Latin America (4 units) fulfills Thinking Globally GE

 COST: $7500 includes round trip airfare; does NOT include R&B for initial class days on Westmont campus             


         To apply or visit the Off-Campus Programs office in Kerwood Hall

For additional questions contact Dr. Ruben (Tito) Paredes:


India: "Through Others' Eyes" --Prof. Charles Farhadian and Prof. Viji Cammauf

Join us! The India Mayterm will introduce you to Indian culture, society, and religion through two courses, serving particular needs of Indian villagers, and several site visitations to Hindu and Christian places of worship and social service, including Chennai (Madras), Kolkata (Calcultta), Kerala

  • Tentative Dates: 23 June--3 August
  • Open to all students -- all majors are encouraged to apply and there are no prerequisites
  • 8 units: RS 136TG Encountering Hinduism (4 units)

    RS 150SC Mission & Social Justice (4 units)

  • Courses will satisfy Thinking Globally and Serving Society/Communicating Cross-culturally
  • Broadern your worldview through courses, discussions, and site visitations
  • Get equipped to be a world Christian, by listening and living with HIndus and Christians
  • Serve in the name of Christ, by engaging in hands-on service projects.
  • COST--$7900 includes round trip airfare; does NOT include R&B for initial class days on Westmont campus

London Theatre Mayterm--Prof. Paul Delaney and Prof. Elizabeth Hess Globe -- 11 May-20 June

London eye

  • Open to all students--all majors are encouraged to apply and there are no prerequisites
  • 8 units English and/or Theatre Arts credit.  ENG 186 & 187: British and Irish Theatre I & II fulfill the post-1800 British literature requirement within the English major and apply as upper-division literature credit toward a minor in English.  TA 186 & 187 World Theatre I and II apply as Electives within the Theatre Arts major or minor.  
  • G.E.:  Coursework satisfies the Writing-Intensive requirement and Performing & Interpreting the Arts.
  • COST--$8450; does NOT include R&B for initial class days on Westmont campus or round trip airfare
  • INFO SESSION: November 4th 7pm Reynolds 109

Students on London Theatre Mayterm partake of a huge array of theatrical experiences in a variety of thrilling locals. In London, we will meander from the high-brow elegance of the West End to the rough-and-tumble immediacy of Shakespeare's Globe to the expansive variety of the National Theatre. We'll travel to Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace, to see the Royal Shakespeare Company perform on their state-of-the-art thrust stage, and perhaps we'll even get a chance to hobnob with some of the actors after a show. In Dublin, we'll visit the historic Abbey Theatre and view modern classics at the Gate as well as sampling experimental work on smaller stages. Through it all, we'll be seeing world premieres by established playwrights, exploring innovative work by cutting-edge theatre companieis, and reveling in the finest productions of Shakespeare anywhere in the world.

What else might you choose to do? Snag a seat in the choir for Evensong at Westminster Abbey? Ramble through Egyptian mummies and Elgin marbles at the British Museum (for free)? Go rowing on the Serpentine, or gaze at the Crown Jewels at the Tower? On your free weekend, will you stay in London, or hike the medieval walls of York, try some Scottish play in Endinburgh, or sample croissants in Paris? Beguiling possibilities abound.

We'll read the plays, discuss the productions, write reviews of the performances, take backstage tours of the theatres, talk with the actors and directors, try our hand at a scene, maybe participate in a theatre workshop. And night after night we'll witness some of the finest theatre in the world. Won't you join us?


Economic Development in Modern China --Prof. Edd Noell

  • Dates: 11 May--9 June--Monday, May 11-Wednesday May 21 class sessions and exam on Westmont campus; Friday, May 22th-Tuesday, June 9 in China
  • Open to upper-division Econ & Business majors and minors with a minimum GPA of 2.75 (required pre-requisites include EB 3, EB 11, EB 12)
  • 4 units: EB 150 The Modern Chinese Economy
  • COST--$6500 includes round trip airfare; does NOT include R&B for initial class days on Westmont campus
  • Experience firsthand the economic transformation of China. . . engage with management at firms such as Shanghair GM, Motorola, and Procter & Gamble in urban and rural China.
  • For the travel portion of the program, Westmont students will join up with students from Gordon College and Biola University
  • Itinerary (tentative) includes: Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong Tentative Dates: mid-May through mid-June
  • Offered in conjunction with faculty & students from Gordon & Biola

Research for Kinesiology Majors at University of Bath, England --Prof. Gregg Afman

  • Tentative Dates: month of June
  • 3 Kinesiology units
  • COST -- $6250; does NOT include round trip airfare