Westmont Mayterm and Summer Programs are short-term study programs that often include both on-campus study and travel. Programs offering general education courses as well as programs offering major-specific curricula are available. A number of options are available in any given year; in the past, such programs have included programs to Europe, England, Egypt, Israel, Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Japan, Sri Lanka, Oregon, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and Honduras. Various summer programs are also available through member schools of the Christian College Consortium and other institutions affiliated with Westmont. Information on which programs are available in a given year can be found in the Off-Campus Programs Office.

2016 Off Campus Mayterm Options:(there are 2. . . see below)


BELFAST TO SANTIAGO: Reconciling Memory & The Way of Peace

Ireland wall



The purpose of this program is twofold: 1) to broaden and deepen student understanding of how we
create, perpetuate, reconcile, and remember conflict in human symbolic activity; and 2) to explore
avenues toward peace and reconciliation via interfaith dialogue, remembering “rightly”, ecumenical
practices, and pilgrimage. Key to thinking broadly and deeply on these themes, we explore and live
into a particular case study, post-Good Friday Agreement Northern Ireland, as well as engage with
historical and contemporary Christian practices and interfaith dialogue.

A Liberal Arts Off-Campus Experience

We explore readings and teaching from different disciplines and perspectives, we examine some of the most base and most inspried products of human interaction (from violent dispute to reconciliation and healing), we hear first-hand the stories of those intimately involved in war and peacemaking, and we bodily experience space, place, and performance. Since this course involves travel to and immersion in different countries, you will gain cross-cultural experiences and develop a greater appreciation for the challenges of living with diversity. Finally, by traveling together in community, with all of its challenges and joys, you will develop skills and appreciation required for living and traveling intensively with others. students in dublin

Academic Content

Two professors will team teach the one course, Belfast to Santiago: Reconciling Memory & the Way of Peace. To begin to understand conflict we explore both how conflicts define cultures, and how cultures symbolically construct and represent conflicts. We engage in readings, lectures, discussions, site visits, testimonies, experience, and reflection. We see how art forms, narratives, music, and public memory sites are tangible manifestations of changing beliefs, fears, desires,and ideologies. We ask--How do people memorialize war? Peace? Violence? Sacrifice? How do scapegoats both create recipes for genocide and possibilities for peace? We hear from people who actively work to create peace in their communities and in their nation via dialogue, prayer, and ancient Christian practices (from fasting to pilgrlmage).

Ultimately, these investigations will culminate in walking the final 100 km of the Camino de Santiago. The practice of pilgrimage has historically been associated with repentance and penitence, and our own journey on the Camino thus gives us the opportunity to process the lessons of violence in Northern Ireland, ro repent on behalf of a broken workd, and to pray for peace. In addition, we will be introduced to narratives of religious freedom in Muslim Psain, the Crusades that led to the loss of the Holy Land and gave rise to the popularity of the Camino, and the current conflicts of identity with modern Spain. Ultimately, we believe that the integration of learning in terms of theory, practice, and spiritual discipline will lead us all to more effectively and proactively become peacemakes and reconcilers in both interpersonal and global contexts.

You will earn credit for three courses, for a total of nine units. The two 4-unit courses will be taught organically, as whole. The courses include Com 134 (4 units), and either Com 195 or RS 107 (4 units) and a PEA Walking With Intent (1 unit).

New Grange




Draft Itinerary 5/9-6/15/2015

Week One
Monday 5/9 On Campus (9-12; 1-3)
Tuesday 5/10 On Campus (9-12; 1-3; 6-8)
Wednesday 5/11 On Campus (9-12; 1-3)
Thursday 5/12 On Campus (9-12; 1-3)
Friday 5/13 On Campus (9-12; Exam at 1:00)
Saturday 5/14 Essay Due
Week Two
Sunday 5/15 Day Off
Monday 5/16 Travel to Belfast, N. Ireland
Tuesday 5/17 Walking Tour, Group Dinner
Wednesday 5/18 Belfast
Thursday 5/19 Belfast
Friday 5/20 Belfast
Saturday 5/21 Belfast
Week Three
Sunday 5/22 Belfast
Monday 5/23 Belfast
Tuesday 5/24 Belfast – Exam in AM; PM off
Wednesday 5/25 Corrymeela Reconciliation Center, Ballycastle
Thursday 5/26 Corrymeela Reconciliation Center, Ballycastle
Friday 5/27 Derry/Londonderry via Causeway Coast
Saturday 5/28 Derry/Londonderry
Week Four
Sunday 5/29 Travel to Rostrevor
Monday 5/30 Rostrevor
Tuesday 5/31 Rostrevor
Wednesday 6/1 Rostrevor / Exam
Thursday 6/2 Travel to Dublin via Newgrange
Friday 6/3 Dublin
Saturday 6/4 Travel to Westport
Weeks Five-Six
Sunday 6/5 Westport
Monday 6/6 Travel to Dublin in A.M.
Tuesday 6/7 Travel to Santiago via Air / Sarria
Wednesday 6/8 Walk Sarria – Portomarin (22 km)
Thursday 6/9 Walk Portomarin – Palas de Rei (22 km)
Friday 6/10 Walk Palas dey Rei - Melide (15 km)
Saturday 6/11 Walk Melide – Arzua (13 km)
Sunday 6/12 Walk Arzua – Amenal (23 km)
Monday 6/13 Walk Amenal – Santiago (14 km)
Tuesday 6/14 Santiago – Free Day – Group Dinner
Wednesday 6/15 Last Full Day
Thursday 6/16 Goodbye!

APPLICATION--Apply here!


group near water


  • Broaden your worldview through courses, discussions, and site visitations
  • Get equipped to be a world Christian, by living with and learning from Hindus and Christians
  • Serve in the name of Christ, by engaging in hands-on service projects


Join us! The India Mayterm will introduce you to Indian culture, society, and religion through two courses, serving particular needs of Indian villagers, and several site visitations to Hindu and Christian places of worship and social service: some possible places include Chennai (Madras), Kolkata (Calcutta), Kerala, and living in a Hindu village. We will also be serving at Mother Teresa’s Homes in Calcutta.  Weeklong mini-track options include 1. Indian Cuisine and Cooking  2. Indian Music, Art & Dance (bangra) 3. Indian Science and Medicine (both modern and traditional)


The focus of the India Mayterm is to introduce students to Indian culture, society, and religion through two religion through two courses, serving particular needs of Indian villagers, and several site visitations to Hindu and Christian places of worship and social service. Our goal is to broaden the worldview of Westmont students, and help equip them to be world Christians through encounters with people of other faiths and service in the name of Christ.


Academic Content

The two courses are Encountering Hinduism (RS) and Mission & Social Justice (RS).Each course will count for 4 units, so together students will earn 8 units for the Mayterm. Encountering Hinduism has been approved for“Thinking Globally” GE credit and the course Mission & Social Justice has been approved for “Communicating Cross-culturally” and “Serving Society” GE credit.


$6900 (this includes round trip airfare and all costs (travel, room and board) in India). This does not include R&B costs for the 5 days in June on campus prior to departure.


June 20-24:. On-campus

June 25-July 30th: Travel to India



Charles Farhadian (RS) and Viji Cammauf will co-lead the program. Viji Cammauf holds a Ph.D. from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA and is the director of a Christian ministry to children and single mothers in a Hindu village outside of Chennai (Madras). Viji grew up in India, speaking English, Tamil, and Telagu. As a college student in the US, Viji converted from Hinduism to Christianity and has since had a vibrant Christian faith. Currently,Viji is an Adjunct Professor at the American Baptist Seminary in Berkeley, lecturer for theProspectives on the World Christian Movement course, and President of Little Flock Children’sHomes, a non-profit organization with a vision to care for orphans and widows in India. Viji serves on the William Carey Heritage Foundation, whose function is to restore William Carey’s vision and highlight his work in Serampore College in India. She has been a popular lecturer and conference speaker for over 15 years, and she and her husband reside in Oakland, CA. We will also include Katherine Farhadian on our leadership and teaching team. Katherine did her undergraduate degree in horticulture at North Carolina State University and her master’s in forest science from Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, where she focused on social ecology. She will be delivering a few lectures on themes of the relationship among humans, religions, and the environment.

APPLICATIONS deadline will be November 9th, 2015.