Westmont Mayterm and Summer Programs are short-term study programs that often include both on-campus study and travel. Programs offering general education courses as well as programs offering major-specific curricula are available. A number of options are available in any given year; in the past, such programs have included programs to Europe, England, Egypt, Israel, Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Japan, Sri Lanka, Oregon, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and Honduras. Various summer programs are also available through member schools of the Christian College Consortium and other institutions affiliated with Westmont. Information on which programs are available in a given year can be found in the Off-Campus Programs Office.

There are 3 Off Campus Mayterms offered for 2017: see below


Kingdoms of Faith? C.S. Lewis's Oxford, the British Isles, and the History of Christianity Mayterm

CS Lewis 2



  • open to all students--all majors are encouraged to apply
  • prerequisite: RS 20: Christian Doctrine

FACULTY: Dr. Andrew Mullen and Dr. Steve Pointer

DATES: 9 May - 20 June (first 10 days on campus and remaining time abroad)


The Christian Imagination of C.S. Lewis (RS 129): 4 units

Reformation and Modern Christianity (RS 120): 4 units

CREDIT : up to 8 units of RS credit; Thinking Historically GE






students in dublin

  • open to all students--all majors are encouraged to apply and there are no prerequisites

FACULTY: Prof. Paul Delaney and Prof. Elizabeth Hess

DATES: 8 May - 17 June (~first week on campus and remaining 5 weeks abroad)


8 units English : ENG 186 & 187: British and Irish Theatre I & II apply as literature credit within the English major and minor, and as elective credit within the Theatre Arts major

G.E.: Coursework satisfies the Writing-Intensive requirement and IIE: Working Artistically requirement.

Students on London Theatre Mayterm partake of a huge array of theatrical experiences in a variety of thrilling locales. In London, we will meander from the high-brow elegance of the West End to the rough-and-tumble immediacy of Shakespeare's Globe to the expansive variety of the National Theatre. We'll travel to Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace, to see the Royal Shakespeare Company perform on their state-of-the-art thrust stage, and perhaps we'll even get a chance to hobnob with some of the actors after a show. In Dublin, we'll visit the historic Abbey Theatre and view modern classics at the Gate as well as sampling experimental work on smaller stages. Through it all, we'll be seeing world premiers by established playwrights, exploring innovative work by cutting-edge threatre companies, and reveling in the finest productions of Shakespeare anywhere in the world.

What else might you choose to do? Snag a seat in the choir for Evensong at Westminster Abbey? Ramble through Egyptian mummies and Elgin marbles at the British Museum (for free)? Go rowing on the Serpentine, or gaze at the Crown Jewels at the Tower? Beguiling possibilities abound.

We'll read the plays, discuss the productions, write review of the performances, take backstage tours of the theatres, talk with the actors and directors, try our hand at a scene, maybe participate in a theatre workshop. And night after night we'll witness some of the finest theatre in the world. Won't you join us?


COST: no more than $7950 plus round trip airfare

APPLICATION--Apply here!



group near water


  • open to all students

FACULTY: Profs. Chandra Mallampalli, Eva Peters, Beverly Mallampalli

DATES: 26 June - 5 August (~first week on campus and remaining weeks abroad)


Modern South Asia (HIS 186)

Perspectives on World History (HIS 10)



APPLICATION--coming soon

TENTATIVE ITINERARY includes Chennai, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, Kerala, Singapore