No. 2: Peña de Bernal

August 24, 2013. Bernal, Querétaro.

Top of BernalThe WIM group has settled in very nicely. After a first week of orientation activities and classes, we took a break and left the city for the day. Our first excursion was to the colonial city of Bernal, about one hour outside of Querétaro.

Bernal hike, Kara and others going upWe began the day by hiking the massive rock, the third largest's monolith in the world. Our faithful guide, Luis, led us to the top—about 8000 feet above sea level—where we enjoyed spectacular views of the city below and God's creation all around us.

Following the descent (which went much more quickly than the climb up!), we enjoyed a delicious meal ofgorditas, a typical Mexican dish, and then had an opportunity to explore the charming 17th century town. At the end of the day, we returned to Querétaro a little more tired physically, but greatly rejuvinated in spirit.

To see more pictures of the day, click on the slideshow below: