Political Science

American University Washington Semester, Washington, D.C. (Open to all majors)

Washington Semester is a program of American University in Washington, DC, in which students live and study at the Tenley Campus. Students have the opportunity to serve in internships in thirteen different tracks including national politics, foreign policy, economic policy and justice, journalism, and a number of other fields. Participants come from over 200 affiliated colleges and universities in the U.S. and from 28 international institutions. A limited number of Westmont students will be nominated for consideration for the program each semester. AU Homepage

American University AU Abroad, Brussels, Belgium (Open to Political Science majors/minors who have taken POL-122: European Politics only)

Located in the heart of Western Europe, and head of the world’s largest single market with a single currency, the euro, Brussels plays host to some of the most important organizations in the world. Now, through American University’s European Union Semester in Brussels, you can earn undergraduate credit and gain valuable work experience in the political center of the EU. Theory combines with practical experience during your study in Brussels. In your internship and unique seminar classes, you frequently meet with and talk to practitioners and policymakers from the EU, NATO, and the international community of Brussels. These leaders share with you their insider perspectives on how the EU is shaping Europe politically and economically.

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American Studies Program, Washington, D.C. (CCCU bestsemester.com) (Open to all majors)

Since 1976, the American Studies Program has served as an experiential learning laboratory for students committed to connecting their faith to public affairs. More than 2500 students have come to Washington and nearly 500 alumni currently work in the D.C. metro area in a variety of professional fields-private and public, for-profit and non-profit. Each students enrolls in the program's two practicum courses: Internship and Topics in Leadership & Vocation. Students have the option of enrolling in a one-credit Professional Mentorship course. In addition, students apply to either the Public Policy track or the Global Development track. The Public Policy track equips and supports students in their analysis of pressing public policy issue. Each student produces original research by engaging area experts and practitioners off-site and in the classroom as they investigate the local, national, and global factors that influence policy-making in Washington, D.C. The Global Development track focuses on partnership initiatives taken by leaders in commercial, governmental, and non-governmental organizations as they explore the impact they can achieve by collaborating to address issues of sustainable development worldwide. CCCI ASP Homepage