South Pacific

South Pacific

Australia Studies Centre, Brisbane, Australia (CCCU (Open to all majors)

As of January 1, 2014, the Australia Studies Centre will move from Sydney, where it has been located since 2004, to Brisbane, Australia and partner with Christian Heritage College (CHC). While this means a change in location, we believe that CHC has unique advantages for students studying in Australia especially in the range of classes it offers for ASC students. CHC offers majors in:

BUSINESS: Accounting, Marketing, Management, HR Management.

EDUCATION: Early, Primary, Middle and Secondary. CHC also offers content-area units in the areas of English, History, Drama, Business, Accounting and Biblical Studies.

SOCIAL SCIENCES: Counselling, Youth Work, Human Services, Chaplaincy, Community Development, Human Behaviour.

MINISTRIES: Ministry Foundation, Ministry Formation, Ministry Practice, Ministry Leadership, Social Justice.

Watch for additional updates. CCCU ASC Homepage

Creation Care Studies Program, South Pacific (Open to all majors)

Whale Tail

This semester-long program explores biblical stewardship, first hand, as students study environmental issues in New Zealand. Designed for non-science majors, the program includes opportunities for study, reflection, research, and travel. During the program you will experience community in motion as you travel with a group of students for four months to the South Pacific nation of New Zealand . Rigorous classes will give you direct field experiences and confront you with current world issues. CCSP readily awaits adventure seeking, biblically minded students, who want to take on the challenge of learning how to care for God’s earth and all its creatures—both human and non-human. This program is open to students with a minimum 2.75 GPA. CCSP South Pacific Homepage

Houghton Down Under: Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand (Houghton College) (Open to all majors) (Fall only)

Down Under

In this fall semester program, Houghton Down Under introduces students to Australian and New Zealand cultures and communities; including their art, music, film, history, and literature.  This program is full of adventures and great opportunities including city service projects, hiking in varied ecosystems, swimming in the South Pacific, and learning with local teachers--all amidst spectacular scenery, fantastic flora and fauna, and friendly people.  In this travel semester, you will live and study in three urban centers in two countries. Students will stay in different types of accommodations ranging from  college dorms to hostels, hotels, and homestays. Students will be involved in service learning with a variety of agencies including the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, local churches, and government councils.

The courses are:  Community and Society in Australia and New Zealand  (4). Art and Music in Australia and New Zealand (4). Australia and New Zealand Culture Through Film (4). Engaging Australian and New Zealand Culture (4).

This program is open to students with a minimum 2.75 GPA. Houghton Down Under Homepage