The Hiring Process:
Supervisor/Hiring Agent Responsibilities :
Steps for Employers There are several steps that as a hiring supervisor you MUST complete as part of the student employment process or before your student may begin working:

• A Temporary Employment Agreement MUST be created for each student that works on campus- NO EXCEPTIONS. This acts as an offer of employment and work contract. TEA's are generated online at the following link: Temporary Employment Agreement

Summer TEA Dates: 5/8/16 to 8/27/16, however; the dates a student may work depends on their registration status. 

Please refer to the following chart carefully:      
Student Status
Registered For
Employment Status
Student TEA until 8/27/16
Mayterm Only
Student TEA until 6/18/16
New Grad
Mayterm Only
Student TEA until 6/18/16
New Grad
Not registered
Hire as Staff through HR
First Year/Transfer
Not registered
Hire as Staff through HR
•  Student employees must have a summer TEA approved by Career Development & Calling before they begin working.  
•  If you want your student to work beyond 8/27/16 you will have to create a separate TEA for the new academic year.  You'll be notified when those dates are available for you to use in early August. 
•  Summer is the only time students may be paid for holidays, but only if they meet certain criteria.  Please click here for information regarding holiday pay for student employees. 

• Please use the student's projected first day of work as the beginning date of their TEA, not the date you create the TEA.  After you create a TEA you must wait to receive an email of approval from Career Development & Calling (formerly Office of Life Planning) before the student can begin working. 

It is your responsibility to:

• determine your students wages. First time employees should be paid between the bottom and top wages listed in the Wage scale.

• Completing I-9 and W-4 paperwork is mandatory. It is unlawful to accept an I9 form without an offer of employment/acceptance (TEA). It is your responsibility to verify that you have been provided original documents to complete the I9 form. Scans, faxes, copies, notarized documents are NOT acceptable. Lists of acceptable documents

• Carefully review the I9 form for errors and completion. I9 Info Page

• Provide Workplace safety training to your student. Safety training is available through Public Safety by contact Tom Bauer

• Assist your student employee with time card set-up. Each student is required to create a time card to log their hours worked through the OATS system. A time card tutorial is also available here.

• Respond to employment related emails from Career Development & Calling. There may be times when an action is needed during the employment process involving student approval, or improperly completed I9,etc. As such, you and/or your student will receive an email from Career Development & Calling. Please READ and RESPOND as theses pertain directly to authorizing your student to begin to work. Any outstanding TEA or employment issue not resolved within 2 weeks of its creation will be cancelled.

Any further questions about student employment, Job Spot or the hiring process should be directed to:
Lori Ann Banez
Student and Alumni Employment Coordinator

Julissa Delgado
Office Admin.