The Hiring Process:
Creating a Student Temporary Employment Agreement/ Student Wages
TEAA Temporary Employment Agreement must be created for each student that works on campus- NO EXCEPTIONS. This agreement acts as an offer of employment and work contract. TEA's are generated online at the following link: Temporary Employment Agreement

• Once supervisors have logged on to the system, they will need to provide the student email address and appropriate Cost Center Account number. The system will alert supervisors if a student employee requires I-9 or W-4 paperwork.

* Do not provide student employees with I-9 paperwork prior to the creation of a TEA*

Summer Employment :
Creating a Summer Temporary Employment Agreement
Summer TEA's may now be entered into the system.  Please refer to the chart below for specific employment dates. The dates a student may work depends on their registration status.  Please read the following carefully:

• ALL student employees must have a summer TEA approved by the Office of Life Planning before they begin working.  

• During the summer months, student wages are set determined by the Vice President of Finance and are as follows:
Full time- /per hour:$8.41
Part time- /per hour:$8.13  

• If the student is a current Westmont student AND registered for the fall semester they may work until 8/16/14. If you need your student to work beyond 8/16/14 you will have to create a separate TEA for the new academic year.  You will be notified when those dates are available for you to use in early August. 

• If the student is only registered for Mayterm, they can work as a student employee only until 6/7/14

• Anyone who is not a registered Westmont student, who recently graduated, or who is an incoming freshman, must be classified as Temporary Staff. Please contact Human Resources for hiring information

Summer is the only time students may be paid for holidays, but only if they meet certain criteria.  Please click here for information regarding holiday pay for student employees. 


• Use the TEA dates provided in the chart below when creating your student TEA. The system will not process any TEA with dates beyond those listed. Be sure to use the actual first date of work as the beginning date on the TEA, NOT the date it was created.
Fall 2013 TEA Dates Aug.18,2013- May 10, 21014 This includes student whose work extends into graduation and the first week of Mayterm
Mayterm 2014 TEA Dates TBD All Mayterm student employees wil need to have 2 TEA's created for their positions. Once which will cover the first week of May term (due to timecard regulations) and a second to cover the remainder of Mayterm.
Summer 2014
TEA Dates
May 11, 2014-Aug.16, 2014 This applies to students working beyond Mayterm, through the summer.
• Once the TEA has been completed it is submitted online via email link to the student employee for approval. Encourage your student employee to check their email and approve their TEA as soon as possible. You and your student will be sent automatic email reminders pertaining to their TEA's from our office. These should be read carefully as they provide important information regarding work authorization and approval. As a supervisor it is your responsibility to respond to these emails if applicable. Any TEA not approved by student employees or waiting for appropriate I9 paperwork will be cancelled after 3 weeks. *Students MAY not begin working until the TEA is approved and the Office of Life Planning has issued a work authorization email.*
• Supervisors should refer the Student Pay Scale when determining wages for employees. This has been provided to help determine student wages and is a suggested scale based on the number of years
a student has been employed as a Westmont student. Supervisors are given the ability to determine or adjust student wages based on this scale, if it is manageable within their budget, and the wage suggested is customary for a position.

Years of employment on campus
Suggested rate
of pay
• Be advised that a student may not be paid less than the minimum or exceed $10.00 per hour (without a Vice President's approval) Questions regarding wages should be directed to the Office of Life Planning or your Vice President /Department Chair.
• Supervisors must acurately determine a student's pay wage as changes can only be made after a TEA has been submitted and only in certain circumstances. A request for a Wage Change can occur when a student has been hired for a specific job ONLY when there has been a substantial increase and change in responsibility and/or the job description for that particular job.
Typically, wages set for a student job for the year or semester are not changed during a semester term. If a supervisor believes a wage increase is warranted during a semester, approval must be obtained from the Student and Alumni Employment Coordinator in the Office of Life Planning by filing out and submitting a Wage Change Approval Form.
paycheck• During the summer months, student wages are set determined by the Vice President of Finance and are as follows:
Full time- /per hour:$8.41
Part time- /per hour:$8.13


Finally, it is important to note that anyone who is not a registered Westmont student, who recently graduated from the college, must be classified as Temporary Staff and directed to Human Resources.