Temporary Employment Agreement and Student Wages :
TEAA Temporary Employment Agreement must be created for each student that works on campus- NO EXCEPTIONS. This agreement acts as an offer of employment and work contract. TEA's are generated online at the following link: Temporary Employment Agreement

I9 Forms :

IT IS UNLAWFUL FOR THE COLLEGE TO ACCEPT AN I9 WITHOUT AN OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT AND ACCEPTANCE. Your student employee will be directed to fill out an I9 during the online TEA process, if one is needed. Please DO NOT provide students with a hard copy of an I9 form.
For more information about completing I9 forms and compliance, click on the link-I9 Info Sheet

TEA Authorization :

If there is an action needed before the TEA can be authorized ( such as student approval or a improperly completed I9) you and/or your student will receive an email from Career Development & Calling. Please READ and RESPOND to these emails, as they indicate an ACTION that you or your student needs to take care of in order to obtain authorization. Any TEA not authorized within 2 weeks of its creation will be cancelled.

Students MAY NOT begin working until they have received a work authorization email from Career Development & Calling.

TEA Dates :

Use the TEA dates provided in the chart below when creating your student TEA. The system will not process any TEA with dates beyond those listed. Be sure to use the actual first date of work as the beginning date on the TEA, NOT the date it was created.

Summer Employment Dates and Eligibility:
Summer student employment this year begins on 5/10/15 and ends on 8/29/15, however; the dates a student may work depends on their registration status.  Students MUST be registered for the Fall semester.

Please read the following carefully: 
• All student employees must have a summer TEA approved by Career Development & Calling before they begin working.

• If the student is a current Westmont student AND registered for the fall semester they may work until 8/29/15. If you need your student to work beyond 8/29/15 you will have to create a separate TEA for the new academic year.  You will be notified when those dates are available for you to use in early August. 

• If the student is only registered for Mayterm, they can work as a student employee only until 6/13/15

• Anyone who is not a registered Westmont student, who recently graduated, or who is an incoming freshman, must be classified as Temporary Staff. Please contact Human Resources for hiring information 

Student wages/ Summer Wages :
The Student Wage Scale is provided to help you determine student wages.  The wage you assign to first time student employees must be between the bottom and top wages listed in the categories on this scale, and the total wages the employee will earn must be within your student wage budget. 
** As of July 1, 2014, the state minimum wage is $9.00
All TEA's submitted must reflect this wage.**
• Jobs are graded based upon difficulty, experience, and the level of training required to perform them.  Students in jobs that lead/supervise others a minimum of 50% of the time are paid one grade higher than the job supervised.  A raise of $.25/hr should be given for each year of satisfactory experience in the same or similar job (same Pay Grade) at Westmont. 
As an example, a student in the General Pay Grade could start at $9.00-$9.25/hr.  The following year, if the student is in the same or similar position, he/she should receive a $.25/hr raise.  If the student moves to a position in the Skilled Pay Grade, he/she would make $9.25-9.75/hr to start, depending on his/her experience and skills within that pay grade.  Conversely, if a student were to move from a higher pay grade to a lower one, the pay rate will go down to be in line with the new grade starting pay range.

General - Includes all entry-level student jobs that do not require previous training or special skills other than basic computer skills.  May require on-the-job training.

Skilled - Skilled jobs include positions that require a higher level of responsibility and some previous training or experience.  Positions offer extensive on-the-job training or require certification. Students may be supervising other students in the General category.

Specialist - Specialist jobs require special skills or an advanced level of academic or other qualifications.  The position might involve a high degree of training, and/or extensive previous experience.   Job duties may include hiring, training, scheduling and supervising students in the Skilled category.

Job Title Examples:




$9.00-9.50/hr to start

$9.25-9.75/hr to start

$9.75-10.25 to start

Admissions Tour Guide

Admissions Intern


Art Docents

EMO Technician

Driver – Class B

Athletic Events Staff

First Responder

IT Assistant/Programmer

Bookstore Staff

Fitness Center Supervisor

Lab Assistant

Chapel Set-Up/Tear Down

Graphic Design Intern

Research Assistant

Conference Services Staff

Intramurals  Student Director

Summer Aquatics Director



Fitness Center Monitor

Phonathon Caller


Provost Fellow

Interlibrary Loan

Risk Management Project Asst

IT Help Desk

Sound/Light/P.Point Technician

Liberal Arts Ambassador

Sports Broadcaster

Library Assistant


Library Technical Services

Webmaster Assistant

Office Assistant

Orchestra Crew

Post Office Clerk

Risk Assistant

Student Ambassadors

Switchboard Operator

Trades Worker

• Supervisors are given the ability to determine or adjust student wages based on this scale, if it is manageable within their budget, and the wage suggested is customary for a position. You must provide OLP with written approval from your departmental VP for any wage exceeding $11.00/hr.

• Summer student wages are determined by the Vice President of Finance and are as follows:

Full time: $9.00 per hour
Part time: $9.00 per hour

Holiday Pay :
Summer is the only time students may be paid for holidays, but only if they meet certain criteria.  Please click here for information regarding holiday pay for student employees. 

Wage Changes :
• Typically, wages set for a student job for the year or semester are not changed during a semester term. If a supervisor believes a wage increase is warranted during a semester, approval must be obtained from the Student and Alumni Employment Coordinator in Career Development & Calling by filing out and submitting a Wage Change Approval Form. A request for a Wage Change can occur when a student has been hired for a specific job ONLY when there has been a substantial increase and change in responsibility and/or the job description for that particular job.
• Finally, it is important to note that anyone who is not a registered Westmont student, who recently graduated from the college, cannot be hired as a student employee. The hiring manager needs to request approval to hire temporary staff instead of a current student by submitting a Temporary Staff Requisition.