The Hiring Process:
Completing an I-9 form with your student employee
I-9 imageUpon completing the student Temporary Employment Agreement, your student may be directed to complete I-9 and W-4 paperwork if necessary. Students will have access through the TEA system to an online electronic version of the I-9 form.

This online form is in place to avoid errors and help to increase our federal work compliance. Students should complete the form online and then print it and bring it to you with their ORIGINAL work authorization documentation for verification. (see page 5 of the I-9 form)

Do not provide your student with a paper copy of the I-9 form, UNLESS there are technical difficulties. The current accepted version of the
I-9 form can be found at

Additionally, you may not have a student complete an I-9 PRIOR to the creation of a TEA.

As a supervisor, you are responsible for reviewing the Student portion of the form and insuring that the form has been filled out completely. You may NOT under any circumstances make any corrections, additions or adjustments to the student portion of the form. This is to be done by the student employee only.Please consider the following when completing the I9 form :
a. Student name matches identification provided
b. Student dates the form on the actual date they signed it.
c. Student signs and dates the form accurately, not using birthdate as current date.
d. Any blanks on the form are filled out with
e. You provide document #'s, expiration dates, issuing authority,etc.
f. Provide a certification date (first day of work)

Work Authorization Documents:
Section 2: Employer Verification
As as supervisor, you are obligated to complete the follow steps when filling out Section 2 of the I-9 : The list of acceptable documents has been made available- I-9 Acceptable Documents

• Supervisors/hiring agents are required to " physically examine each original document the employee presents to determine if it reasonably appears to be genuine and to relate to the person presenting it.” You may not accept photocopies, scans or faxsimilies of documentation related to the I-9 under any circumstances .

• The person examining the documents MUST be the same person who signs Section 2.

• Supervisors must examine the documents WITH the employee present! " the examiner of the documents and the employee must both be physically present during the examination of the employee's documents."

I94When hiring an International or Foreign student please be aware of the following items:
• International students can work on campus, but they need to provide additional information in Section 1 related to their Visa.

• International students must provide their I-94 Admission Number in Section 1.  You must photocopy this I-94 along with the documents they provide to establish their identity  (usually a foreign passport) and must include the information in List A as an additional document. 

• International students also require an I-20, which is a form provided to the student by the Admissions Advisor to International Students.  • If you have an international student who wishes to work for you, send them to Admissions for this form so they can hand it to you together with their I-9, I-94, and other List documentation.

error • Be sure to inital any and all corrections made to Section 2 of the form. The use of correction fluid is not allowed on the form. Sign, and date the form, insuring that all fields are complete, including providing a certification (first day of work) date.

• Provide a copy of the work authorization documents along with the completed I-9 form to the Office of Life Planning within 3 days of signing the form.

• Your student is NOT authorized to begin working upon completing the I-9 paperwork, but rather when you receive an approval email from the Office of Life Planning.
In compliance with state and federal laws, student employees may not begin working before the TEA and I-9 are processed.

For more detailed instruction about completing an I-9 form please refer to our online tutorial.

** Please Do Not leave any I-9 paperwork on the desk in the Office of Life Planning. This document contains personal information. A secure locked box has been made available to you, just outside the office door. Feel free to fold the form as necessary to fit in the lock box.**