The Office of Life Planning provides personalized assistance at the significant crossroads that face students and alumni. With the assistance of an experienced counselor, the vocational development process begins with assessments that help in the exploration and understanding of interests, skills, work-related values, and personality characteristics.

questions The Office of Life Planning can also assist with:

• Choosing a Major- A member of our staff specializes in helping first year and sophomore students work through the complicated issues related to this decision

• Vocational Direction- Experienced counselors meet with students one on one to assist them with all aspects of the discernment process.

• Graduate School Decision-Making- We assist students in identifying programs in particular areas, advise them during the application process, and guide them to a variety of appropriate resources in the Voskuyl Library database and online.

conversation• Providing Practical Resources- Helping students determine skills, values and interests. Counselors will also offer guidance in seeking out appropriate internships through our partnership with the Internship Program as well as present resources for making significant contact with alumni and friends of the college through the use of LinkedIn and the Westmont College Alumni database.
Additionally, we offer assistance with the following topics:

• Online Vocational Tool
• 1 unit Life Planning course
• Job Search /Exploration
• Resume Writing
• Mock Interviews
• Career Counseling
• Part time employment on-campus
• Employment opportunities off campus
• Workshops & Seminars