The Hiring Process:
Posting an on-campus job/Hiring a student employee

Hiring staff and faculty should go to Job Spot to post their on-campus jobs. Job Spot is our password protected job posting system that provides students with the ability to search for on and off campus jobs at any time via the internet. If you are unfamiliar with posting on Job Spot, please contact our office for personal assistance or check out the tutorial we have made available. Job Spot Tutorial

* Post your on-campus jobs at *

Supervisors will need to use their Westmont email username and the password "westmontlink" to first access the system. We recommend changing the Job Spot password to your email password so that you can get into every system on campus including Job Spot the same way.

Supervisors are encouraged to hire a Work Study student as a cost effective means of providing support for your department or area as well as a job for our students. Work study students are awarded financial aid based on need which is earned through work in positions on and off campus. The College has committed to making every effort to provide work study students with opportunities to work on campus. Departments which hire work-study students are reimbursed 33% of the students’ wages at the end of each month, which appears in your budget as an adjustment.

When hiring senior student employees, supervisors should be advised that the last day a graduating senior may work as a student will be the ending date of the pay period that includes finals week. This rule applies to both the end of calendar year and the end of the academic year.

Supervisors should close their on-campus positions once they have been filled.

After finding and hiring your student employee, you will need to complete an online Temporary Employment Agreement (TEA) for your employee.