FAQs about parking permits

When is a permit required on a vehicle?

Vehicles parked or operated on campus by students during the fall semester, spring semester, or Mayterm must have a valid temporary permit or semester permit displayed at ALL times (see Permit requirement for students). First-year students are not allowed to obtain permits, except for verified disability or as an approved commuter (See First-year students). During Mayterm, all students are eligible for a permit, and there is no cost for a Mayterm permit.

Students have until 5:00 PM on the first THURSDAY of the semester to get a valid permit on the vehicle. Public Safety issues citations for permit violations after 5:00 PM on the first Thursday. If you are an upper class student who brings a vehicle to campus the first week of school BUT are ineligible for a semester permit, you should obtain a short-term temporary permit until you can remove the vehicle.

Permits are not required from the last day of classes until the dorms close, so any student may bring a vehicle to campus at the end of the semester (i.e. finals week) for the purpose of transporting home.

How many sophomores will get a permit?

A limited number of sophomores (est. <100) will be able to request the Sophomore type of permit prior to the start of each semester, but the number of Soph permits which will be offered depends upon two factors: projected parking space on campus, and whether or not road usage by the Westmont community can handle more vehicles in the area. We make 75 Soph permits available for reservation at the start of the fall semester. When requests for the Soph permit exceed the number which have been made available for request, the only remaining option for sophomores is to get on the waitlist during the online request process. It is worthwhile to get on the waitlist, if that is the only option available, as we have been able to offer Soph permits over time.

Additional Soph permits may be made available later in the semester, depending on the two factors mentioned above. Additional permits might not be available until the Fall Holiday in October, if at all. Similarly, additional Soph permits for the spring semester may not be available until the President's holiday in February, if at all. Sophomores should not bring vehicles to the Santa Barbara or the campus unless they have successfully requested a permit online.

I'm a transfer. How do I find out if I am eligible for a permit?

Eligibility is primarily based upon academic criteria, so you may try to Request a Permit as soon as permits are available. If you are in your second year of college and suspect you may not have the requisite number of units on your Westmont record to qualify for a sophomore permit (26 units), you should contact the Housing Office in June to ask about eligibility based upon different criteria. In the event your academic record does not give you the eligibility you might have expected, see Eligibility regarding the use of alternate criteria on your behalf. Contact the Housing Office for assistance.

Are permits required during holidays and breaks?

Yes, except during Christmas vacation and Spring recess. Students may park on campus without a permit during Christmas holiday and Spring break.

How do I get a permit for Mayterm? What about summer parking?

Students with valid spring permits do not need to obtain a different permit for Mayterm because the spring semester permit is valid through Mayterm. All others should obtain a permit during Mayterm check-in or in-person at the Housing Office. There is no cost for a parking permit during Mayterm.

Students who wish to leave a vehicle on campus for any portion or all of the summer period should contact Tom Bauer, Public Safety Director, in April for information. Scheduled repairs and projects in the parking lots during the summer will not be known until April. Vehicles should not be left on campus without arranging this in advance with Tom Bauer.