Request a Restricted Permit (by Appeal) for 2018-2019


If you are not considered a "first-year" by the college, you may request a RESTRICTED parking permit for EITHER or BOTH semesters through the online form below. We use units on record and cohort year to determine "first-year" standing. All requests for RESTRICTED permits must include an appeal to describe your reason(s) for wanting a parking permit.

If your request is granted, it is important to obtain your decal from the Housing & Parking Office and display it on your registered vehicle in a timely manner. Failure to display the decal may result in a citation and fine by Public Safety. The charge for a RESTRICTED permit for the Fall semester will be posted to your student account, after the decal has been prepared for pick-up by the Housing & Parking Office.

We recommend early requests (from June 1- July 31)

June 1-July 31 is the early request discount period, which qualifies for a discount.

Request "deadline" is July 31

Late requests (after July 31) may be less likely to be approved because the allocation of RESTRICTED permits may have already occurred. However, the request program remains operative after July 31

Eligibility reminders:
  1. When you login, your units on record AT THE TIME OF YOUR REQUEST will determine whether or not the program will allow you to proceed. However, we use your cohort year to determine if your request will be considered.
    1. You must have 26-58 units on record to get access to request a RESTRICTED permit.
    2. Even if you have 26-58 units, your cohort year will disqualify you for a permit if you are considered a "first-year."
    3. You may need to wait until July for units to be recorded, if you are attending Mayterm and need Mayterm units to get access to the request program.
    4. If you know that you will not reach 26 units after completing two full-time semesters of enrollment, (even after also attending Mayterm) you may contact the Housing & Parking Office for assistance.
  2. We activate the program on June 1, since most students will have their units from the previous Spring semester recorded by that date.
  3. If you believe you should have access to request a RESTRICTED permit, but the program does not recognize your eligibility, contact the Housing & Parking Office for assistance.
  4. Appeals for RESTRICTED permits will be reviewed after the month of July.
Read all of this before you PROCEED to request
  1. After you select the PROCEED button (below), you should see a vehicle information screen that includes an appeal box. This means the program recognizes your eligibilty to request a RESTRICTED permit.
  2. You must submit an appeal to state your reason(s) for wanting a permit.
  3. If you attempt to request before the program is activated on June 1, your request will not be recorded. Try again, after the program has been made operative.
  4. You may request a permit for EITHER or BOTH semesters.
  5. Your request and appeal will remain on file throughout the entire academic year. However, if any additional permits are deemed available for the Spring semester, appeals for those Spring permits may not be considered until December.
  6. Select SUBMIT after completing your vehicle info, and appeal.
  7. A screen message will immediately indicate your request was UNSUCCESSFUL. This is because we do not granted appeals within the program. All requests by appeal must be reviewed, and not all requests are granted.
  8. You will be notified by the Housing Director at your Westmont email address, if your appeal is granted,
  9. If your appeal is NOT granted, you will NOT be notified by email.
  10. You may notice that your Student Profile includes a display of your permit status.This is a back-up communication to you, following the immediate screen message which is displayed at the end of the online request.
If you don't know the specific vehicle or license plate

Since we require a specific vehicle for permit requests, indicate a vehicle you are most likely to bring when you complete the vehicle information. The vehicel info can be updated later.

    Requesting a permit online is merely the first step. You do not "have" a valid permit until the request is granted in writing AND a decal is affixed to your vehicle. See How to pick-up your permit for WHEN and WHERE to get your decal.



Confirm the status of your request

Your student profile will display the evolving status for your permit request, within a day or so:

    • No request being processed = No request on file
    • Request unsuccessful = No permit is offered to you, but your appeal remains on file
    • Request successful = Your request is granted, and you will be charged for it. Refunds for cancelled permits are pro-rated. We're getting a permit ready for you to pick-up.
    • Ready for pick-up = Your permit (decal) is now considered reserved for you and it is ready for you to obtain from the Housing & Parking Office. You will be charged for it whether you pick-it up or not. Your permit is invalid until the physical decal is correctly placed on your vehicle.
    • Permit issued =You will be charged for every week it has been issued (see Costs). An issued permit is ONLY valid for the vehicle it is reserved for.
If you don't know the specific vehicle or license plate

Since we require a specific vehicle for permit requests, indicate a vehicle you are most likely to bring when you complete the vehicle information.

Update your own vehicle info. to avoid a $15 change fee

If you have any inaccurrate or incomplete vehicle info., you should correct/update it BEFORE coming to get your decal. You may return to your online request to edit/update your own vehicle information PRIOR to the start of the academic year.

After you have picked up your permit, all edits/changes must be performed by the Housing Office. Each time a change is performed by Housing (e.g. license plate update, a different vehicle than what was originally indicated), a $15 edit/update fee will be charged to your student account. If your vehicle is new and does not have a state-issued license plate, you are subject to the $15 edit/update fee (see Costs).

Temporary Permits

To request a temporary permit, sophomores, juniors or seniors need to come to the Housing & Parking Office in person with the following information. It is not necessary to bring the vehicle when obtaining a temporary permit, as long as you bring a photo of your license plate or bring your vehicle DMV registration to the Housing Office. We need:

  • Vehicle make (e.g. Honda)
  • Vehicle model and color (e.g. blue Civic)
  • Vehicle license plate, and state of issuance (e.g. ABC123, CA)

To request a longer-term temporary permit for medical reasons, students need to go to the Campus Health Center or the Office of Disability Services.