Request a Permit

IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you are a returning student who had a permit last semester or was waitlisted for one (Spring 2015), the parking program was not working correctly for requests for a Fall 2015 permit. However, we have cleared this up and the program should be working okay. If you have any difficulty or get an unexpected response to your request, please contact the Housing Office.

Note 1 : After submitting a request for a permit, a screen message should immediately appear to declare whether or not the request was successful or unsuccessful. If you have any question about it, please contact the Housing Office.

Note 2: In addition, the status of a permit request should be displayed by the next business day on the student's Profile page. This status message will NOT appear immediately.

Note 3: If you attempted to request a permit before the program was activated at 9:00AM (PST) on July 1, your request should have failed.

We offer a discount when a permit is requested during the "discount" month. At the very least, students should request a permit in advance before coming to have the decal affixed to the vehicle. We need time to process each request. The following vehicle information must be provided in order to request a permit: registered owner, make-model-color-year-state. If any of this information is not known or provided at time of request, alternate information may be supplied and edited later (see below).

    Requesting a permit online is merely the first step. You do not "have" a valid permit until one is affixed to your vehicle. See How to pick-up your permit for WHEN and WHERE to get your decal.


Confirm the status of your request

Your student profile will display the evolving status for your permit request:

    • No request being processed = no request on file
    • Waitlisted = soph permits are exhausted. Sorry, but no permit is available for you
    • Request successful = you successfully requested a permit; we're getting it ready for you
    • Ready for pick-up = a decal is being held for you, but it's not valid until it's on your vehicle
    • Permit issued = you will be charged for the decal now that it is affixed to your vehicle
If you don't know the specific vehicle or license plate:

Since we require a specific vehicle for permit requests, indicate a vehicle you are most likely to bring when you complete the vehicle information. You may change your vehicle (and this information later) during the discount month, or by contacting the Housing Office later or when you arrive to get your decal. If you change/edit your information after the discount month, you will forfeit one of the discount opportunities. If the vehicle is new and does not have a license plate, you may enter your Westmont ID number in the license plate field on your request. However, if your vehicle data is not complete by the end of the discount month, you will not be eligible for a discount for "no change or edit" (see Costs).

Lower Cost for Early Request & Prompt Pickup

If you successfully request a permit during the early request period, your permit will cost less than if you request after that period (see Costs).

    • Early request (discount) period for Fall semester: July 1-31
    • Early request (discount) period for Spring semester: December 1-31

Soph permits are for eligible sophomores on a limited basis. The earliest time when sophomore permits are available for request is 9:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time) on July 1 (for Fall permits) and 9:00 AM (PST) on December 1 (for Spring permits). Contact Housing about any Eligibility difficulties. When Soph permits are no longer available, the requestor's name will be added to the waitlist during the online request process. If additional soph permits become available at a later date, the Housing Office will notify by email to offer the permit.

Juniors & Seniors

Regular permits are for eligible juniors and seniors. Eligible juniors and seniors may not obtain parking permits on behalf of sophomores or first-years. Contact Housing about any Eligibility difficulties.

Temporary Permits

To request a temporary permit, sophomores, juniors or seniors need to come to the Housing Office in person with the following information. It is not necessary to bring the vehicle when obtaining a temporary permit, but the vehicle registration should be brought.

  • Registered owner
  • Vehicle make (e.g. Honda)
  • Vehicle model and color (e.g. blue Civic)
  • Vehicle license plate, and state of issuance (e.g. ABC123, CA)

To request a temporary permit for medical reasons, students need to go to the Campus Health Center.