Event Planning & Contracts

Updated 7/2/2015

When making a request for review and execution of event contracts, please allow the Office of Procurement adequate time. There are often terms and conditions to be negotiated, which requires extra review time by both parties. No deposit should be remitted to the supplier until the contract is executed. (You can have the check issued and held for you at the Business Office until notified by Procurement that the contract process is complete.)

Please see the Westmont College Contract Protocol for information about how the contract is to be submitted for review and approval.

It is important to think about various services that may be required, and contact the appropriate office:

* Permission for the event (Conditional Use Permit issues) - Office of VP of Finance
* Event location rental - Westmont Campus Scheduling or outside venue
* Tents, chairs, tables, dance floors, podiums, etc. - Westmont Event Services or outside supplier
* Sound & Light - Westmont Sound & Light or outside supplier
* Catering (food, beverage, ice sculptures, etc.) - Sodexo or outside supplier
* Transportation - Westmont Transportation Dept or outside supplier
* Security- Westmont Public Safety or outside supplier
* Other special goods or services

Some suppliersfor event services have completed "Master Agreements" which can expeditethe process for a specific event. Please contact the Office of Procurement if you need information.

Bill Groeneveld, '80
Associate Director of Procurement & Auxiliary Services
former WCSA Student Activities Director
(Barry McGuire concert, Murchison Gym, November 1978)
Bill Groeneveld WCSA Student Activities Director November 1978