Central Receiving

Updated 5/23/2013

The Westmont College Office of Procurement and Westmont Physical Plant, in consultation with a number of department's Administrative Assistants, have developed the following procedure for Central Receiving. This is designed to make the process of receiving a large order go as smoothly as possible for all parties involved. With just a few simple steps, the process can work much better for:
* The company with whom the order was placed
* The shipping carrier
* Physical Plant / Central Receiving
* Campus Post Office
* Business Office
* Procurement
* Oh yeah...and YOU!

To make this process work the best for you and the other affected departments that serve you!...

Westmont College Central Receiving is located at the Physical Plant. Generally, all shipments should go to Central Receiving. Exceptions are:
* Bookstore
* Small package carriers to campus Post Office / Paper to Reprographics
* Dining Commons
* Installations as directed by Campus Planning, Physical Plant, or Procurement.

Incoming large shipments/items will be processed by Central Receiving staff and delivered by them to the end user departments, except in cases where they determine a direct delivery to another part of the campus is warranted.

All orders placed should use the Purchase Order Number Convention. This will greatly assist Central Receiving, the campus Post Office, Procurement, and/or the Business Office when there are questions about any part of your order/invoice process.

If a shipment will weigh over 50 lbs and/or is coming in 5 or more boxes, it should be shipped to Central Receiving rather than the Post Office. Please ask your vendor to put the following on the "Ship To" of their packing slip AND bill of lading:

Westmont College / YOUR DEPARTMENT
Attn: Central Receiving
955 La Paz Road
Santa Barbara CA 9108

Buyers should notify Central Receiving when placing an order that will be delivered there. This should be done using the Central Receiving Notification web form. This puts your order information in a database available to many people who can assist you!

When placing orders, please be sure to send vendors information they should forward to the freight carrier they use. This is most easily accomplished by sending them the "Shipments - Via Truck" link, or a copy of that page.

If you have any questions about your delivery, the primary contact in Central Receiving is
Jose Perez x7285 josperez@westmont.edu. Please also see Central Receiving information in the lower part of the Event Services / Central Receiving web page.

Others who can assist you are Ginny Murray or Josh Weitzman. If your order was placed for you by the Office of Procurement (usually installations), contact Bill Groeneveld.

Thank you for your cooperation, and please let us know how this process is working for you!