Master Agreements with Select Suppliers

Updated 5/6/2016

In order to protect Westmont College from unnecessary risk, a contract approved by the Office of Procurement must be in place for all services provided by an individual or company to the college on or off campus. The Contract Review Protocol approved by the Executive Team describes the process for seeking approval of an agreement with a provider for services.

Master Agreements with Select Providers
- Suppliers with a successful history of working with Westmont may establish a Master Agreement with the Office of Procurement that covers the college's requirements for critical elements such as required permits, sufficient insurance, and conditions for operating on our campus. Once a supplier has established a Master Agreement, review and approval of subsequent "work/event orders" is significantly expedited. The Office of Procurement maintains a
list of approved contracts including Master Agreements.

Agreements with Other Providers - If a Master Agreement is not (or not yet) in place for a supplier, then the Contract Review Protocol should be initiated, allowing sufficient time for this process to be completed.

Requests for Master Agreement - If you wish to have a supplier considered for a Master Agreement, or if you have any questions, please call the Office of Procurement at x6849 or email