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Westmont College
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Information for Part-Time Faculty

The following is intended to help part time faculty who are just getting started. Resources and general information will direct you around campus and to various individuals who will be helpful to you. Above all, your department chair should serve as a starting place for questions. The Provost's Office will also be glad to help (phone 565-6007).

Westmont’s Mission Statement

Westmont College is an undergraduate, residential, Christian, liberal arts community serving God’s kingdom by cultivating thoughtful scholars, grateful servants and faithful leaders for global engagement with the academy, church and world.

Bookstore/ Textbook Adoptions

Leslie Smith ( is our Textbook Manager. She will need to know which textbooks, etc. you will be requiring.The Westmont Bookstore website,

will allow you to search for textbook information and place your textbook request. Contact Leslie for website registration information. Optimally, textbook adoptions should be made by mid-April for the fall semester and mid-October for the spring semester. Your departmental assistant will be able to help you with desk copy information.

Some faculty request materials to be bound from various periodicals into a “course pack” or “reader”. You may contact the textbook manager for information regarding assembling a reader. The Westmont Copyright and Resource guide is available online at:

In general, we request that your packet be submitted six weeks before classes begin to allow enough time to clear copyright permissions and produce the reader. The bookstore will need the articles you want copied along with the signed copyright release.

Course Evaluations

Within the first month of class, an all faculty email will be sent by the Provost which will explain our system of course evaluation and give you a timeline for the process. Most recently we have been using an iinstrument created by The IDEA Center. With the exception of private lessons, tutorials and classes with fewer than 5 students, all courses by teaching faculty are assessed.

Course Management - Eureka

Eureka is Westmont’s version of the Moodle course management system. Eureka’s features include class schedules, assignment schedules, discussion, collaboration and quizzes. All courses, instructors and students are loaded into Eureka at the beginning of each semester.

There is a significant amount of on-line assistance available: For a tutorial, go to the Faculty Tutorial at . Use password ‘facaroodle’ if you’re not enrolled in this course. To use the system, go to:

You will use your Westmont user name & password to log in.


You will have a Westmont College email address assigned to you by our IT Department. Please use this email address to contact your students. It should also be listed on your class syllabus. Your department assistant or Barb Kennedy in the Provost’s Office can give you your user name. First you will need to create a password. Go to Select "Create a Password". Fill in your last name, skip the birthdate, and enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Enter the username that has been assigned to you, and your choice of password, and confirm your password. Be sure to note the rules for construction of a secure password. If you have difficulty with this form, contact Jeff Aquilon ( in Information Technology.

Human Resources


Most of our buildings and classrooms are opened by Westmont Security each morning. Please check with your departmental assistant to see if you will need a key to your classroom.

Library Privileges/I.D.Card

The library was renovated in the summer of 2010. We hope you will visit it and draw on the services of our librarians. To have lending privileges, you will need a Westmont I.D. card which is issued by the I.T. Department (1st floor of the library building).

The I.T. Department will need to take your photo. They are very busy issuing I.D. cards leading up to the first days of a new semester and immediately following. Please call 565-6150 to make sure their office can accommodate you at a particular time.

The library collections include 237,000 books, media items, music scores, and microforms, 300 print periodical titles and 77 online data-bases with access to 16,000 online periodicals. We also have additional resources through the Gold Coast Library Network, Camino and Inter-library Loan Services. Guidance in the use of these resources is provided by subject and course-related research guides available on the library website. Information literacy instruction sessions, taught by Westmont Librarians, are offered in the technology teaching center. Librarians are also available for in-class or one-on-one teaching sessions.

Westmont has a very strict conditional use permit from SB County which limits the number of cars on campus. As a faculty member, you will be able to register a car and park with no cost around campus. However, it is important that you get your parking permit immediately or you risk getting a parking ticket. Please go to the Physical Plant Office (lower perimeter road, just before the bridge) to register your car and have them put a sticker on your windshield.

Registrar – Records
Questions about registration can be answered by the staff in the Records Office. The main number is 565-6060.

Please review Westmont’s Academic Policies and Procedures which are posted on the web:

Our plagiarism policy can be found here:

You will need to access your class lists through Westmont’s WebAdvisor. It would be a good idea to bookmark this site as you will be using it often throughout the term. Go to:

Log in with your Westmont user name and password (same as your email) before your class meets. Print off a copy of your class list to assure that students showing up for class are properly enrolled. Students may choose to add or drop your course and will be bringing you forms to sign. This can also be done using WebAdvisor.


Your Department Assistant can help you to copy your class syllabus, exams or hand-outs for your classes. There are copiers in many of the Department Offices and we also have a separate printing office. Please be sure to give adequate notice for help in this area.


Please follow Westmont’s guidelines in preparing your course syllabus. They can be found here:

Once you have completed your syllabus, please send an electronic copy to your department assistant. These are up-loaded every term to our College Syllabus Archive. Your department assistant can also help in getting paper copies printed to hand out to your students. Again, please give adequate notice of your needs.

Westmont can provide you with voicemail. Your departmental assistant can request a number from our telecommunications
department. The students can phone in and leave you a message which you can then check remotely. Very few faculty use this option as it requires you to remember to check the number frequently.