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Faculty Reading Groups

Proposals due by Sept.30

Have you ever thought that you would like to read about a particular topic with colleagues from another discipline?

Have you ever thought that you would like to read some of the classic writings in theology, as part of developing a deeper framework for "faithful scholarship?"

This is your chance. . .

The Provost Office will be authorizing money again this fall for the formation of new Faculty Reading Groups

What is the purpose of these "Reading Groups?'

  • To cultivate faculty growth as individuals in community.
  • In particular, to help the faculty develop deeper sensitivity and deeper sophistication as Christian thinkers and as interdisciplinary thinkers.
  • To help faculty enrich their library in general resources.

What do you need to do to form your own group?

1. Find 3-5 other faculty members from 2 or more disciplines.

2. Choose a reading program that has either a theological or inter-disciplinary

emphasis. (For example: this would be an ideal opportunity to read more in areas related to ethnic and gender diversity.) The program should challenge you, but should also be realistic in terms of time. Better to succeed and to want more than to be frustrated.

(The program might run for the semester or the year)

3. Plan a schedule of meetings.

4. Submit a budget. The money is designed to cover books and food, rather than time.

Proposals should be submitted to the Provost's Office by the end of September. They need not be lengthy or elaborate.  Include names of participants, the material to be read, and a budget.