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Due Date: October 1

A sabbatical leave is an investment by the College for increasing the quality of instruction and scholarship through the professional enrichment of the faculty.

Subject to approval of the Professional Development Committee, the Provost, the President, and the Board of Trustees, tenured faculty are eligible for a sabbatical after six years (or equivalent) of full-time service since initial appointment or the most recent sabbatical. Faculty on multi-year contracts are eligible for their first sabbatical during the ninth year of employment, after completing three consecutive multi-year contract periods. Thereafter, they are eligible subject to the conditions specified for tenured faculty. Faculty are eligible to apply for a semester-long sabbatical at full pay, or a year-long sabbatical at half pay.

Further information about sabbatical policy is available in the Faculty Handbook in section


Sabbatical applications require chair approval. Chairs will be asked to submit load reports for the following academic year before sabbaticals will be approved by the provost.

To apply, submit an application to the Professional Development Committee via the Vice Provost.



The Faculty Handbook stipulates: “Within three months of concluding a leave, the recipient will submit a report to the Professional Development Committee on activities and achievements while on leave. (FH,

Reports are submitted by email to the Provost's administrative assistant. Reports should include the following components, where applicable:

a. Period of the sabbatical leave

b. Title of the project(s)

c. Name of the sabbatical leave recipient

d. One or two sentences summarizing your activities

e. Full description of project activity (1-2 pages)

f. List of specific outcomes/achievements (articles, books, courses developed, etc.)

g. Suggested time and format for a report to the faculty