Welcome to the Faculty Grant Seeking Center

The Faculty Grant Seeking Center has been created for the purpose of assisting faculty in the grant seeking process. As is stated in Westmont’s Philosophy of Education, “… the primary emphasis at Westmont is on teaching. But teaching often involves helping students to acquire research skills and to become themselves producers of knowledge. This can be done effectively only as faculty model research skills for students, and mentor them in the acquisition of those skills.”

We recognize how difficult it is for faculty to find the time and the resources to pursue grants. We also recognize that writing grant proposals is often an invaluable part of the professional development of a faculty member, as it provides the resources to accomplish research that might otherwise not occur.

While application to external agencies for research funding is largely the responsibility of individual faculty members, this website has been created to assist faculty in that process. Located either in the document below, or on one of the sidebars to the left, are resources that have been gathered to assist faculty, as well as documents created to help clarify the institutional policies Westmont has in regard to the faculty grant seeking process.

For the present time, Kenon Neal will be serving as the Faculty Grant Coordinator. She is available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have, so please don't hesitate to call 565-6851 or e-mail: kneal@westmont.edu.

To get started, please read the Grant Seeking Guide to learn about the ways that Westmont hopes to partner with faculty in the grant seeking process.