Annual Grant Competitions & Awards

The following grantmaking competitions occur on an annual basis and faculty are encouraged to apply or to seek nomination to those that appear to match their funding needs.


*Proposal Due Date

Type of Award

Graves Award in the Humanities

December 1

Faculty research awards, these awards are intended to encourage and to reward "outstanding accomplishment in actual teaching in the humanities by younger faculty members." One nomination per institution will be accepted biennially. Please see the Faculty Grant Coordinator for additional information.

NIH Summer Stipends

Aug.1 - Oct. 1

Successful applicants will receive an outright award of $5,000 for two consecutive months of full-time research and writing.

The Council of Christian Colleges and Universities

January 1

Initiative Grants To Network Christian Scholars

The purpose of these grants is to enable small groups of Christian scholars to network individuals and encourage collaborative scholarship on focused themes of keen interest to the larger academy.

Up to three awards of $15,000 each will be made annually by the Program Steering Committee. All requested materials must be received electronically by January 1, 2004. Awards will be announced by Mar 15, 2004.

George A. and Eliza Howard Foundation

October 17

2004-2005: Creative Writing in English including novels, short stories, poetry, playwriting, essays, and creative nonfiction

2005-2006: Literary Criticism, Film Criticism and Translation

2006-2007: Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy

2007-2008: Painting, Sculpture and Art History

The Louisville Institute

November 15
December 15

Two Academic Programs:

The Christian Faith & Life Sabbatical Grant

Religious Institution Programs

The Phi Beta Kappa Book Awards


The Phi Beta Kappa book awards are given annually in December to outstanding scholarly books that have been published in the United States in the fields of the humanities, the social sciences, the natural sciences and mathematics.  There are three awards each carrying a prize of $2,500 which goes to the author.

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