Proposal Writing Resources

The Foundation Center
Learning Lab: Our FAQs section provides answers to more than 125 questions about the Foundation Center, funding research and resources for nonprofits and individuals, nonprofit management, and more. ( Also includes information on sample Letters of Inquiry, sample Proposals).

The Non-Profit Support Center
A local Santa Barbara resource, The Nonprofit Support Center (NSC) is a regional training, consulting, and resource center for board members, staff, and volunteers of nonprofit organizations. Included on this site is a downloadable version of the Foundation Roundtable Common Grant Application. This application was revised in February 2004.

Non-Profit Guides
Proposal writing tools for non-profit organizations. Includes sample inquiry letters, sample proposals and other related links.

A Guide for Proposal Writing
Provided by the National Science Foundation

Grantspersonship: An Instruction Manual
This brief instruction manual is the result of a series of workshops provided by the University of Pittsburgh and elsewhere on the subject of how to obtain funding for research and training.

Grants and Grant Proposal Writing: Third Edition
A brief guidebook on seeking external resources for research projects based on a compilation of original and existing information on funding opportunities, potential sources, and crafting a grant proposal.