Attendance Policies

One of the distinctive features of Westmont College is its residential nature: as members of this community, we recognize that learning and personal growth occur in community. Attendance at regular class meetings is an important manifestation of this commitment.  The following attendance policies are intended to encourage attendance while recognizing special circumstances and the rights of students and faculty. 

When attendance is not possible, for whatever reason, students are responsible for the missed course work and activities and should consult the faculty member as to whether and how the work might be made up.

Faculty shall establish their own attendance policies for courses taught by them, subject to the following limitations:

  1. Faculty must announce their attendance policies and their policies for make-up work in relation to absences at the beginning of a course. Any change in policy during the course must be made clear to the students and shall not be retroactive.  
  2. As a minimum, a student shall be allowed without penalty (beyond the possible loss of credit for missed or late work) at least as many absences per semester as the number of times the class meets per week. 
  3. At the instructor’s discretion, absences beyond this threshold may be penalized.  However, students should not be penalized (beyond the possible loss of credit for missed or late work) for a reasonable number of absences due to illness or for official school activities (such as varsity athletic events and official class field trips). 
  4. Notwithstanding, when a student persistently neglects class assignments or has excessive absences, the faculty member may request the student withdraw from the class or may notify the student that he or she has been terminated with a grade of F in that particular class.  A student may not be dropped from a course for missing classes unless the number of absences exceeds twice the number of times the class meets per week. Through the 9th week of the semester, the faculty member may assign a grade of W instead of an F.
  5. Faculty members are not permitted to provide make-up opportunities or alter established class schedules for suspended students. Where this creates hardship for students they are to be referred to the Dean of Students.