Unit Definition

Credit hours represent the amount of student work required to accomplish stated student learning outcomes and verified by evidence of student achievement.

For regularly scheduled courses, one credit constitutes minimums of the following: classroom instruction comprising 700 minutes per term, and approximately twice that amount of time of student work outside of class. As a measure of learning, credit is awarded based on evidence that a student has met the intended course requirements and learning outcomes.

An equivalent expectation of student work, for both time and learning, holds in other types of academic experiences that award credit where classroom or direct faculty instruction varies (e.g., laboratory work, internships, practica, studio work, independent study, music private instruction, theater production). The appropriate academic department shall determine the approximate mix of faculty directed instructional time and student independent work keeping in mind the standard given above. The criteria for awarding credit in non-classroom learning settings is the same as in classroom-based courses: as a measure of learning, credit is awarded based on evidence that a student has met the intended course requirements and learning outcomes.