Hello and thank you for your interest in utilizing Print Shop Pro (PSP)...let's get started!

To begin, please take a moment to register. Note that when you register all fields must be filled out. Where the form asks for your 'site' please choose your department and where it asks you to list your 'site address' please type the building in which your department resides - even if the two are the same. If your department is not listed please do not continue and contact Raymond Valencia immediately.

**Additionally, if you will be charging more than one department please send an email with those names to rvalencia@westmont.edu ~ each charge account will be attached to your name. PSP only requires one log-in name and password.

You may begin using the website after your account has been approved!

Print Shop Pro Instructions

You have three options on the left-hand column in PSP:

Quick Copy

  • Quick copy is utilized for basic b/w or color copying. The first page allows you to upload your document directly to PSP. Most files types will be converted to .pdf automatically ~ see “Click Here for File Guidelines” on the upload page for further information.
  • After selecting whether or not to upload a file, the following page will ask you to name your order then choose your paper size, # of originals and copies, color and weight of paper and whether or not your want front or back covers. Continue.
  • This page addresses finishing. Please select your finishing options, if any. Continue.
  • Select your site and account number and date needed. Continue.
  • Review your job, site, account number and estimate. If a mistake has been made you have the option to edit the order in the lower left-hand corner. After you have reviewed your order and have determined that it is correct, please select ‘submit order.’ Raymond will contact you soon to verify your order.

**Two points of clarification:

1) Remember that all simple black and white print jobs less than 100 pages should be printed on departmental copiers. The cost is the same! If your job requires finishing above and beyond stapling and collating then feel free to submit it to Reprographics.

2) Please remember that all bids are only estimates. Raymond will review pricing with you when he contacts you.

Printing Order

  • ‘Printing Order’ is to be utilized for more complex jobs with varied media and finishing options such as posters, binding, lamination, multi-colored compilations, and cutting.
  • After uploading your file, if applicable, create an order name, assign a site and account number, select order category and finished size. Choose the number of copies you wish to have printed and the color of text. Note that you have an option of requesting both b/w and color on the same job as well as a variety of paper stock. This is where clear notes and communication with Raymond will need to take place. If Raymond will need to adjust or tweak your file in any way please select ‘yes’ under graphics work required. Continue.
  • Determine if you would like a cover(s) on your job. Continue.
  • Select paper stock for covers, if applicable, stock for body of document, whether your document will have one or two-side printing, b/w or color printing, and whether you want to select additional stock for the rest of your job (‘include additional stock in this order’)
  • IMPORTANT: Where asked “Number of sheets of this PAPER STOCK per set” means how many physical sheets of paper PER SET will be printed. For example: If you have 10 originals that you would like printed double-sided, you will put the number 5 in the box adjacent to ”Number of sheets of this PAPER STOCK per set.” You have already chosen, on the previous page, how many COPIES or SETS you would like. Confused? So were we! Call us (x6078) if this doesn’t explain it properly. Continue.
  • This page addresses binding, hole-punch, collating and cutting and offers a section to give additional instruction such as laminating or extra graphics work.
  • Review and edit your order then submit! Raymond will review and contact you.

Store Orders

  • Store orders allows you to order paper or supplies (staples and toner) for your departmental copier. **IMPORTANT: if you are ordering a box of white paper (to be used ONLY in your departmental copier) please send Raymond a separate email. Otherwise, your department will be charged for the paper.

Please don't hesitate to contact Raymond ( rvalencia@westmont.edu or x6078) or Raymond (rvalencia@westmont.edu or x6077) if you have any questions or need further clarification.


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