Joshua Canada : Armington Halls Resident Director

Joshua Canada

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Getting to Know Joshua

Education: B.A. in Sociology, Taylor University; M.A. in Higher Education, Taylor University

Hometown: Lynchburg, VA

How did you end up at Westmont? God led me to Westmont. After graduate school I began searching for jobs and came across Westmont College. As I got to know more about the the institution and its students, culture, and values I realized that it was a place I would enjoy serving. After much thought and prayer my wife and I determined that Westmont was the best place for us.

Favorite thing about Westmont? The Gardens; The emphasis on student development; The value of the Liberal Arts; The desire to integrate faith and learning.

Favorite book(s) in your library? I can't just name one because there are several that have made a big impact in my life: From Brokenness to Community by Jean Vanier; Autobiography of Martin Luther King by Martin Luther King; Eight Men by Richard Wright; Exclusion and Embrace by Miroslav Volf; Beyond Charity by John Perkins; and Divided By Faith by Christian Smith and Micheal O. Emerson

What is your favorite thing to do away from Westmont? Spending time with my wife.

Where is a place that you like to vacation? Virginia is always enjoyable. No matter where I make my home, there is something special returning to the place where I grew up, the homes my parents were raised in and the land of my grandparents.

What states and/or countries have you lived in and for how long? Virginia, 19 years; Illinois, 1 year; Indiana, 5 years; California, since July 2010.