Student Life Mission Statement

The Student Life Division exists as a partner with faculty to accomplish the educational mission of Westmont College. To this end, we are committed to:

  • Be actively aware of students’ college experiences, and to seize every opportunity to assist students to process and reflect upon those experiences.
  • Design, facilitate, and inspire beyond-the-class learning experiences and environments.
  • Provide excellent services that enrich and support students’ academic, social, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs and development in the context of God’s calling for their lives.

In fulfilling this commitment and as we model our faith in Christ, we dedicate ourselves to: practicing dialogue and interactions infused with humility, intelligence, goodwill, candor, respect, patience, and justice; contributing to a campus ethos where both individuality and community are valued; revering creativity and possibility; affirming the sacredness of each God-given moment and person.


Residence Life Mission Statement

Our mission is to contribute to the educational mission of the college by cultivating a diverse and transformative community of Christ-centered apprenticeship where students can grow in their capacity to live, love, and learn.