Academic Year 2017-2018

The following are expectations for you as a Resident Assistant employed by Westmont College. You will:

  1. Live publicly and privately in a manner that is consistent with a commitment to Christian discipleship, and Westmont's Community Life Statement.
  2. Have complete knowledge of, personally uphold, and enforce all the policies for students as listed in the Westmont College Student Handbook. Any Level II or Level III policy violation will most likely result in immediate dismissal from the position.
  3. Fulfill “On-duty” assignments, including weekend nights on a rotating basis. “On-duty” begins at 7pm and ends at 7am and responsibilities vary by hall, but include being available to residents, and remaining in the hall at all times.
  4. Be available to residents on non-“On-duty” nights. No less than three full nights per week (including “On-duty” nights) should be dedicated to your section and hall.
  5. Be responsible for your continuing learning about leadership and the RA position through enrollment in AP 085: Foundations of Residence Life (Fall), attending bi-weekly all Residence Life Gatherings (Spring), and periodic Residence Life Meetings (both semesters).
  6. Actively contribute to the development and support of fellow staff members by attending mandatory weekly staff meetings with your hall staff, participating in fall staff retreat,, and consistently keeping regularly scheduled individual meetings with your RD and other RAs.
  7. Participate in planning and implementing hall community programs (social and educational) as directed by your RD in an effort to create a challenging and supportive learning environment for all residents.
  8. Commit yourself to expanding the multicultural atmosphere of the campus through support of programming efforts and campus initiatives, and through modeling sensitivity toward issues of diversity.
  9. Be knowledgeable of campus resources and direct residents to these resources as appropriate.
  10. Participate in the recruitment and selection of resident assistants for the following year.

In addition to the above expectations, you are asked to adhere to the following policies:

  1. Additional employment, volunteer work, or involvement in other campus organizations shall be limited and subject to the approval of the Resident Director, in consultation with the Director of Residence Life.
  2. You may be absent from campus on your “weekend away” once per month. “Weekends away” will begin at noon on Friday and end at 7pm on Sunday. Remember that a good RA is a present RA! Weekday nights away should be limited and must be consulted with your RD first. Resident Directors may make exceptions to this policy if appropriate.
  3. Model a strong commitment to your academic endeavor by maintaining a current GPA of 3.0 or above. If you drop below a 3.0 cumulative GPA, you will most likely be asked to limit some or all of your campus involvement (i.e. other work, clubs, etc.).
  4. Model a commitment to chapel attendance as outlined in the Westmont Student Handbook.

Your employment contract begins on Wednesday, August 9 at 2pm and ends Sunday, May 6 at 5pm. You should arrive to campus no later than this time and are required to stay until the end of your contract time. While you are on contract as a Resident Assistant, you are allowed to take the following breaks. You should pay close attention to the dates and times of these breaks as you plan your time away. Please consult with your Resident Director and this schedule before making travel arrangements.

Break When you can leave When you need to return

Back to Campus

  Wednesday, August 9 at 2pm
Fall Four Day Friday, October 6 at Noon Tuesday, October 10 at 6pm
Thanksgiving Tuesday, November 21 at Noon Sunday, November 26 at 6pm
Christmas Saturday, December 16 at 5pm Friday, January 5 at 4pm
President's Holiday Friday, February 16 at Noon Tuesday, February 20 at 6pm
Spring Break Friday, March 9 at Noon Sunday, March 18 at 6pm
Easter Recess Thursday, March 29 at Noon Monday, April 2 at 6pm
End of Contract Sunday, May 6 at 5pm  

Modifications to this schedule must be approved by the Director of Residence Life or your Resident Director.

Your remuneration for the fulfillment of these expectations, policies, and work schedules will be a fully paid room (2016-2017: $8,400) plus a $340 stipend that will be paid upon completion of Fall RA training.

Performance Review
Your performance as a staff member and as a student at Westmont College will be periodically reviewed by your Resident Director and the Director of Residence Life. You may be asked to resign your position if you are not adhering to the specific details or the spirit of this agreement.

These bases of employment are set forth as a foundation for facilitating your success as a Resident Assistant, and fostering a productive and growing relationship between the Resident Director representing Westmont College and you as Resident Assistant.