Help Us Prevent Mold

In the past several years there have reports in the media about molds that cause life-threatening illnesses. Thankfully to date we have not had toxic black mold in any of our facilities. However, molds are everywhere and can easily be brought inside. Once inside molds easily grow and spread if they have adequate moisture and food (wood, fabric, drywall, carpet, fabric, etc. can all serve as a food source). We are continually working with students to prevent and address any moisture issues. Below are some of the methods the College has in place for preventing mold, as well as ways students can partner with us to prevent mold. The final section addresses what students should do if they suspect that they do have mold in their room or apartment.

Routine Preventative Measures

Our Physical Plant does routine maintenance of each building and carefully maintains the HVAC system.  Any time there are concerns about the level of moisture in a building, Physical Plant will provide humidifiers to remove the extra moisture.

How to Prevent Mold
  • Report any moisture problems by submitting an UpKeep request or by contacting your RA who can fill out an UpKeep request for you. Examples of moisture problems could be leaking toilets, dripping faucets, wet spots on ceiling, walls or carpets, moisture or dripping anywhere, condensation inside windows, etc.
  • Allow sunlight in your room and open your windows occasionally to let fresh air in.  Keeping curtains closed with the windows constantly closed can create a greenhouse effect in your room that makes it much easier for mold to grow.
  • Keep your space clean!  Take out your garbage and recycling often and keep items (furniture and personal belongings) a few inches away from the walls.  To keep bathrooms from getting too much condensation, run the fans in the bathroom and keep the windows open (if applicable) to allow air flow.
What If I See Mold?
  • Check for any moisture or leaks in the area.
  • If mold has formed because the area has not been cleaned, please clean the area with hot soapy water and continue to regularly clean that area.
  • If routine cleaning does not keep the mold away, submit an UpKeep request to let the Physical Plant know there are concerns in your room.
What Will Be Done By the College?
  • Physical Plant and Custodial Staff will inspect the area to determine if there is indeed mold.
  • If there is a significant amount of mold found, Custodial will work with an outside company to professionally clean the affected areas (wiping down walls, furniture, and shampooing the carpet as necessary).  Custodial will not clean your own personal items. 
  • The residents of the rooms will be temporary or permanently relocated while the work is being done.
  • If excess moisture is occurring, the area will be cleaned and fans and/or dehumidifiers will be put into place to dry the area.
  • Physical Plant staff will continue to check in on the area and will communicate any additional instructions to students.